Fanboy Outrage Force Go!

Chris Butcher reports that fan-favorite Tokyopop title Dragon Head will not go web-exclusive after all!

It seems the outpouring of outrage this decision originally sparked made a difference, and the House of Milky reconsidered their poor decision.

I for one sent another email to them, thanking them for not alienating their fans and retailers.

Now your job is to give this fine, fine comic a try, if you haven’t. You know I’m not a huge manga reader, but this is one I really look forward to. Here’s the writeup from Tokyopop’s site:

Returning home after a class trip, Teru Aoki takes the most frightening ride of his life aboard the shinkansen. Inside a mountain tunnel, the train runs off the tracks, killing nearly everyone aboard.

In his horror at seeing so many of his classmates and teachers dead before his eyes, Teru finds one of his classmates-Ako Seto-tugging on his leg, despite her being barely conscious. A radio on the train informs him that all of Japan is in a state of emergency. Nobuo Takahashi, another classmate, has also survived the disaster but has emerged, somewhat deranged, as a “Master of the Darkness.”

When Ako finally regains her strength, Teru and Ako attempt to travel home but instead must dodge Nobuo and his spear. Eventually, Teru and Ako begin their long and lonely journey home – and their quest to figure out exactly what happened that afternoon in the mountain pass.

If you enjoy psychological horror and mystery (comparisons to the TV show “Lost” are not too far off the mark), this is a title to check out.

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  1. Laura G says:

    Ok, you convinced me. I’ll give it a shot.