Friends and Games

Spent an enjoyable long weekend hanging out with friends and playing games. On Friday night, Dan and Jen came over for some pizza and games. Saturday night we saw Mike, Nancy, and Maggie, who we hadn’t seen in ages, and after making some music with Maggie we played a few new acquisitions. Sunday was my regular day with the James Gang, where we played a huge number of games, including a new favorite of mine, El Grande. And yesterday we headed over to Boston to hang out with Jay, who’s in town visiting his family. We didn’t play any games, though I did pick up a little Backgammon board at a thrift shop. Instead we made the rounds of used book stores, where I confirmed Dave’s Law of Used Book Stores: No one ever gets rid of Haruki Murakami books. We also got to experience the MBTA’s little prank of selling transit cards at the Alewife station that aren’t accepted anywhere else on the line! Ha!

I’m trying to think of anything else we did that wasn’t hanging with friends and/or playing games, and I can’t. Well, we took a nap, there was that.

All in all, a pleasant way to spend a weekend!

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4 Responses to Friends and Games

  1. pronoblem says:

    Yeah… same here. On Thursday 7pm to 1am and on Friday 5pm to 12am I played in three poker tournaments. On Sunday (you were there for most of it) we played from 4pm until 2:30am and on Monday I was at Hoover Dave’s from 4pm until 11pm. This weekend was the most gaming I’ve ever done. I am thinking about calling Dave P and Eric and having them come over to try out the 3-player Italy map for Age of Steam. We did play 4-player Scandinavia after you left on Sunday and I liked it much better than the base map… the only two I’ve played and I have six of them now.

  2. Kitty says:

    Did you check the Harvard Book Shop’s used book basement? I’m always finding Haruki Murakami books down there (except when I actually need them).

  3. Dave says:

    I did but there were none. Someone told me that a red-haired girl had just walked out with an armload of them saying “HA HA DAVE NONE FOR YOU” which I assumed was just a coincidence.


    Huh. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles was okay, I guess. I’ll have to trawl my local indie bookstore for Murakami books… I’ve used my trade-in credits to buy books for $1 then sell them for $12 on It’s all about the arbitrage. Philip K. Dick books are tough to get used as well. Again, folks are suckin’ them up and not circulating them.

    As it happened, I also played El Grande on Saturday at the Houston Gamers. I traded my copy away for Hacienda in a BGG Math Trade, figuring I’ll pick up the new Decentennial Edition. After seeing it on Saturday, I’m impressed by the number of expansions (who the &&&& plays El Grande enough times to need variants???) and disappointed by the obvious typos.