Milestones in Advertising

I got the latest issue of Game Trade, which is a “magazine” from Diamond Previews that is mostly just a smaller catalog of their gaming-related items. Largely useless, but they also have a few articles and previews of things, and every now and then they enclose a promo card from a game or something. This month’s issue was wrapped in plastic, so I knew it had something extra included in it. Exciting! I eagerly tore into the plastic and found that the bonus item was an eight-page 6½ x 10, full-color glossy ad for…well, just see for yourself:

Oh wait, that’s the back cover. There’s no content there. Let me just flip that over for you.

There you go, that’s the front. So the game is…wait, hang on, let me open ‘er up.

Wow! Check it out! It’s…well it’s pretty much more of the same. This is an ad for a game, isn’t it? I mean, these are cool looking pictures…I guess…but — wait a second, right there in the middle, I can see what looks like a game peeking out. At last we’ll see. I’ll just unfold the whole thing!

Wow! What a huge spread! in fact, click on it to see it in all its glory! Now we can tell that this is a game called…

Uh, hang on. Lemme see. On the game board I can barely make out…Drumbald… DreamBlah…Dreamblade! That’s it! Dreamblade is what it’s called! And, oh now look, I feel dumb because it’s also written there in the lower right corner. And according to the 6 point text, it’s a collectible miniatures game.

So to recap, out of eight glossy full color pages, here’s the part where you actually see the game being “advertised” and find something out about it:

Here’s what that text box says:

Project your mind into the dreamscape and wage war against an endless sea of rivals. Dreamblade is the new, innovative, high-strategy miniatures game that offers risk in every move and reward at every level. With over a half a million dollars up for grabs at hundreds of local tournaments held across the country, everyone’s got a shot to walk away with some cash. Find a battle and a shot at the bucks at a store near you.”

Now you’ve seen a deluxe ad for Dreamscape. You now know that it looks something like this:

And is a “new, innovative, high-strategy miniatures game.” WOTC invested a lot of time, effort, and money to get you to this level of knowledge about their new game.

Finally, we get the logo and a place to go for more information, in case you somehow still have questions even after reading this ad:

Now that you’re dying to know more, let’s see where take us.

Excellent! I’m now totally pumped up about…

…uh, hang on…

…Dreamblade! That’s it! Totally psyched.

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6 Responses to Milestones in Advertising

  1. Ryan Walberg says:

    I tried the locator and it doesn’t even have Dreamblade minis in the Product dropdown list. I tried searching for anything with 99 miles of my house and it tells me there’s nowhere to buy *any* WotC products with 99 miles of my house, which is funny, because there are dozens of places within that range.

    Wow, they’re not even supporting their product *before* it comes out!

  2. Christopher says:

    Funny stuff. Horrible ad.

  3. Dave says:

    Update: The advertised web link is now a broken link.

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  5. Brady says:

    Despite our corporate incompetence (there was much tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth about both the ad and the link), the game is pretty darn good. And I don’t say that about all or even most of the games we publish. If you’re not dead-set against games with a collectible element, you should try it. I’ll make sure the right people know that at least US$30 of the game’s revenues were generated *in spite of* the ad. =)