Go, Faux Joe, Go!

Lieberman concedes to Lamont, vows to run in November

It seems the good people of Connecticut, defying all the moral and ethical standards of the Republicans, have opted to replace Joe Lieberman as their senator with someone whom they feel would represent them better in Congress. This is absolutely ridiculous! What kind of perversion of Democracy is this when people feel they can just up and replace a representative who isn’t representing them, even though members of the opposing party think they shouldn’t? This is madness. And not only that, since he opposes Our Glorious Crusade in Iraq, a vote for Lamont is essentially a vote for Osaddam bin Hitler, the President of Islam. Also, Connecticut Democrats obviously hate all the Jews.

I don’t want to pull rank on you people, but I’ve been loathing Lieberman for a long time. I didn’t like him when he first slithered onto the radar in 1999, and I like him even less now. As much as I understood the tactical reasons Gore chose him as a running mate then, I felt it was a poor choice. Lieberman’s behavior since then has only made my feelings for him go from distrust to revulsion.

Fortunately, all those Connecticut Republicans who are so concerned about the integrity of the Democratic party will still get a chance to vote for Joe Schmoe. He’s going to run as an independent, which is a surprising betrayal of his Republican masters. Joe, do you honestly think you’re fooling anyone here? Do you really believe people feel you’re anything but a Republican? When all the Republicans line up to say what a great guy you are and how terrible it would be if you’re not re-elected, don’t you think that makes people just a wee bit suspicious of you?

In fact, the fun’s just beginning. It’ll be interesting to see how much of the “official” Republican candidate’s vote goes to Smokin’ Joe in November. With any luck, Joe’s is one Republican seat that will be lost.

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One Response to Go, Faux Joe, Go!

  1. Vicky says:

    He has to run Dave. Don’t you know he has Joe-mentum!!!