Four Years of Foolishness

Four years ago I had a dream. A dream of slapping my goofy stuff up on the Internet for the world to see. It wouldn’t be easy. I would have to con Kurt and Anna into giving me space on their server. I’d have to install blogging software. I’d have to figure out HTML and CSS.

And I’d have to come up with content. Find a way to lazily post links or YouTube videos, hold off on posting my Previews wishlist until tomorrow so I could have TWO days’ worth of content, and reprint news stories with only minimal commentary. And if all else failed, make some dumb image. It wasn’t easy, but for four years I’ve consistently done it.

Many thanks to my gracious hosts for putting up with me and putting me up. Thanks to the folks who’ve linked to me, taking some savage delight in luring the unwitting to my pathetic lair. Thanks to the Bush Administration for never failing to do something horrifying or ridiculous or both to provide outrage on a slow day. Thanks to my boss for overlooking the time stamps on many of my posts. Thanks to WordPress for some spiffy blogging software. Thanks to my friends who’ve helped me with technical issues and such.

And finally, thanks to both of my readers for continuing to be quite easily amused.

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6 Responses to Four Years of Foolishness

  1. Kurt says:

    Happy Birthday! 4 years is a long time. Don’t we sometimes elect presidents in that span?

  2. esthela says:

    My blog is three days older than yours. Na na na boo boo. Happy Birthday!

  3. jimbo says:

    hooray for Dave, maker of The WHAMbulance and other fine products!

  4. Andrew Weiss says:

    Happy birthday, Dave’s blog! I’d dedicate a post to you, but I’ve already picked today’s topic.

  5. Uncle Stewart says:

    You know, our daughter just turned four, too. Much like Dave Ex Machina weblog, she
    has demonstrated consistent mastery over her bladder and bowels.
    Congratulations on a true milestone.
    We all look forward to the postgraduate version of your blog.