And no, not the ones you’re thinking of. Becky and I did not go see Dead Man’s Chest this weekend, though we’re thinking of doing so later this week. We did, however, re-watch Curse of the Black Pearl.

No, the pirates we saw this weekend were at the Vermont Renaissance Festival held in, well, not Vermont. We sailed up to Greenfield for a Renaissance Festival, which this year had a “Prates of the Renaissance” them. Sure enough, the place was crawling with scalawags, saucy wenches, and knaves of all sorts.

Unfortunately my camera battery died just as we entered the place, so I don’t have any photos, though Becky took some I could scan in. In addition to the many people in costume, we heard period music, saw a magic show by a magician having a really bad day, watched some fight demonstrations, observed high court drama as an alleged pirate was brought before Her Majesty for sentencing, and had traditional renaissance soft drinks.

Two events really stood out for us. First was a demonstration of a sheep-herding dog. Ginger the dog and her master, Lorna the Shepherdess, demonstrated herding of sheep, ducks, and geese. It was really amazing and fun to watch.

The other event was the jousting, which was really impressive. We were on the side rooting for another Lorna, who was actually kind of a villain of the piece. She defeated her foe (killed him, actually) much to the delight of the assembled crowd except for one small boy sitting near us who was visibly upset with trembling lip that she was winning. It was very cute.

I hadn’t ben to a Ren Fest in a long time, and it was Becky’s first as well. There was a lot of silliness, of course, but all in all it was a good time with some really impressive costumes, performances, and exhibitions.

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