The Da-Something Code

Apparently there’s this book that is making all kinds of claims that, if true, threaten the stability of the Christian Church. It contains a great secret that supposedly has been deemed heretical and dangerous by powerful religious forces that seek to keep this information hidden.

The secret of the book now out, these same forces have begun a massive campaign to discredit and even ridicule the claims in it. The idea seems to be that true Christians will avoid and oppose the book and its ideas, and encourage others to do so. Oddly, many of the people so vehemently opposed to the book haven’t read it and aren’t really certain what the supposedly dangerous ideas are. They’re simply afraid that too many people are starting to believe the claims the author makes.

Sounds like a book worth checking out. You can buy it here.

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2 Responses to The Da-Something Code

  1. Rule #1 about Amazon Reader Reviews: Never read Amazon Reader Reviews:

    “It’s fair to say that Marxism, Nazism, totalitarianism, heartless Capitalism, nihilism, existentialism, and a host of other philosophies that have brought 20th century man to the brink of annihilation on both societal and personal levels find their roots in this modest book.”

    Oooh, burn!

  2. pronoblem says:

    I for one like to have an actual book in my hand when I read. However, let’s make it easier in hopes that people will actually read this… full text online: