Four Hundred Million Years of Rain

This weekend we took Becky’s folks up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for a weekend filled wet, wet, wet, and Wright.

Despite unrelenting rain, we toured Franconia Notch State Park, former home to New Hampshire’s unenduring symbol, the Old Man of the Mountain (as seen on their state quarter.) Unfortunately, the Old Man is no longer there, but plenty of other natural beauty remains, some of which wasn’t obscured by low-lying clouds.

Saturday was the worst, as the constant rain put off any thoughts of actually hiking into places. However, just driving around gave us plenty to look at.

Sunday we fared a little better, with the rain easing up enough for us to tour the Flume Gorge. We then headed south for Manchester and more pleasant weather at the Currier Museum, which not only had a nice collection of its own, but also gives tours of one of New England’s Frank Lloyd Wright houses, the Usonian Zimmerman House

The Pacific northwest has Bigfoot, Lake Champlain has Champ, West Virginia’s got Mothman, and New Hampshire also has a legendary creature called “Moose”. This mythical beast is sort of like a deer only much bigger. The state is loaded with references to the thing, even to the point of humorous signs posted along the interstate warning you of “Moose Crossing”. We kept our eyes peeled, but we weren’t treated to any sightings of the legendary creature.

Despite the weather, we had a really nice time, and I took tons of photos. They’re all very similar, but in the rain it was hard to know what was going to come out and what wasn’t, so there was a lot of repetition. Believe it or not, this vast collection is even after I took out the really blurry ones and the cruddier ones. I nearly used up all of our 64mb memory card.

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3 Responses to Four Hundred Million Years of Rain

  1. Nigel says:

    Amy and I used to live in Franconia. It is the most beautiful places I have ever lived, but the weather can be vicious on a good day. Amy got frost bite in Franconia Notch once…ah memories.

  2. pronoblem says:

    Franconia Notch, one of my favorite places. I was a guide up in the Whites when I was in college. Got paid to do what I would do on my free time anyhow… I Love the hike from Mt Garfield to Mt Flume (camping at Garfield and Liberty).

    Did you get above treeline, or did you do just do the tourist traps?

    You did not miss much as far as game day. It was only three of us… Al, Dave Parnell and I. Though we did get a good game of Age of Steam in…

  3. roomtemp says:

    yeah, i remember the time i got frostbite on my franconia notch, too. quite embarrassing, really, especially when those tourists walked up on us …