This Previews, This Order…

Okay, time for you to help me with my Previews order! Items in bold are things I’m contemplating getting. Items in italics are things I’m just commenting on.

With the bolded items, I’m up over my budget, as usual, but not as bad as I thought I was going to be. Surprising thing to me was that I was nearly up over my limit before even getting out of the DC section! That just doesn’t usually happen.

As always, I’d love it if you point me away from things that aren’t worthy, support me in things that are, and recommend things I missed.

The month’s cover features Spawn, while the fake back cover is Batman. What the hell? Diamond, people actually read Batman. What are you smoking over there? And anyway, either way, the theme of this issue is Clerks II. Time to slather your body and walls with all the Kevin Smith crap you can afford! It’s like Christmas for the Trenchcoat brigade!

  • Who Fighter/Heart of Darkness (Dark Horse) — This looks like an interesting two-fer. A sort of pulp adventure in one story, involving a WWII pilot shooting down a mysterious craft, and the other story being a take on the Joseph Conrad novella.
  • Hellboy Companion TPB (Dark Horse) — Normally this isn’t the sort of thing I’d get, but I do so love Hellboy. Heck, I bought the Hellboy GURPS RPG just for whatever extra info I might include, so I can’t exactly turn this down.
  • Rex Mundi vol 3: The Lost Kings TPB (Dark Horse) — Rex Mundi is at DH now? I had no idea. If you liked The Da Vinci Code, you should be checking this out. If you didn’t like The Da Vinci Code, you should check it out even more, because this is (so far) way more interesting.
  • X-Wing Rogue Squadron vol 2 (Dark Horse) — I’m a Star Wars fan and even I didn’t get all the crap comics that Dark Horse churns out. But I did pick up the Rogue Squadron book, and I do recommend it. This is good stuff, very much in the spirit of the original movie.
  • Showcase Presents: Batman Vol 1 (DC) — At last, Bats gets the Showcase treatment. I’m totally down for this one.
  • Showcase Presents: Challengers of the Unknown Vol 1 (DC) — And another Showcase! You’re killing me here, DC! But how can I pass this up? (Answer: I can’t!)
  • Emma vol 1 (DC) — This book seems very unlike my tastes, yet I can’t help but feel intrigued. Anyone know anything about this?
  • Otherworld vol 1 (DC) — On the fence for this one, especially since there’s absolutely not sign that it will ever be finished. Was it any good? Even if it was, I’m betting I should hold off on volume 1 until there’s a volume 2.
  • Phonogram: Rue Britannia (Image) — I have lost even the vestigial respect I had from the comics blogger community for making fun of the ad for this book. Sorry about that folks, but don’t we really have enough “Look at these adventures of a big asshole!” comics already?
  • McFarlane’s Military Toys (Image) — No Comment.
  • Halo and Sprocket: Welcome to Humanity TP (Slave Labor) — I already have the single issues, so I’m not getting this, but I really do recommend it for people interested in funny, charming, well-done comics. It’s the adventures of an angel and a robot who — get this — live with a girl!
  • Dork #11 (Slave Labor) — New Dork! Hooray! Evan Dorkin takes time off from schmoozing with TV people to make comics and I’m there!
  • Athena Voltaire (Ape) — I like pulp action. Is this worth it?
  • The Red Star: Sword of Lies (Archangel) — HA HA HA HA No. Not falling for it again, Gossett. The original Red Star series, which I liked, remains unfinished. Then you solicited Tales of the Red Star, which never appeared. Now you’re soliciting a new series and still not finishing the original. Not just no, but hell no. Why don’t you actually work on having a comic book out there before working on the movie deals?
  • Enigma Cipher (Boom!) — I sure would like to find out if any of Boom’s stuff is gonna be available in trades. This looks pretty good, but I don’t want it as single issues.
  • New Tales of Old Palomar #1 (Fantagraphics) — You bet!
  • Thieves and Kings: The Walking Mage #1 GN (iBox) — Rather pricey for 64 pages, but I like Oakley’s stuff and am looking forward to this.
  • Wasteland #2 (Oni) — Of course, this will depend on how much I like Wasteland #1, which I haven’t seen yet.
  • Star Trek — Shinsei Shinsei (Tokyopop) — I’m not a big fan of Star Trek, even the original series. I’m not a huge manga aficionado. And yet, this book calls to me. Why? WHY?
  • Fortean Times #214 (FT) — Nope. Buy it every month but STILL don’t have a subscription.

And that’s it for this month, folks. As usual, I invite your comments, so please indulge me. Even if you want to make fun of me or call me pretentious. I’m always up for that.

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2 Responses to This Previews, This Order…

  1. Philip says:

    I would love to get both of those Showcase Presents volumes, but my budget won’t allow for it. If I had to choose one, it’d be the Challengers, just because parts of it are by Kirby. (Although if the Batman volume were the goofy, sci-fi Batman, it would be a much tougher choice.)

    Emma also looks interesting to me, but I’m passing on it for now. I’m hoping it’ll show up in the local public library system. (Fortunately, there’s a good chance that it will; my local library has a great selection of graphic novels.)

  2. antony says:

    Dave, just in case you’re not aware – you can read a 21-page sample of WASTELAND #1 (that’s half the issue) on the official site,