Major Game Day was Major Fun

Had a great time yesterday at Major Game Day in Boston, along with Al, James, and Hoover Dave. I met some swell people and played some swell games. I can definitely see myself becoming addicted to Tichu, and the game Maharaja moved onto my “to buy” list. I blind-tested some games for a local (to Boston) game company and got copies of them, the best of which was Glory to Rome.

But far and away the biggest hit for my friends and me was:

Can a game where you flick little pucks at each other be any fun? Oh hell yeah! It’s Crokinole, and we couldn’t get enough of it. Crokinole boards aren’t cheap, but I’m totally looking to get my hands on one now. It was a blast.

The full list of games I played is: Crokinole, Maharaja, Glory to Rome, Tichu, Sneeze, That’s Life, Hamsterrolle (another fun dexterity game), Splat!, and Polarity.

Here I am playing Hamsterrolle:

You can see more of my photos and get info on the various games here.

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3 Responses to Major Game Day was Major Fun

  1. Lanf says:

    That board just /looks/ cool. I want one and I don’t even know the rules!

  2. pronoblem says:

    Here’s the board we played on:

    Here’s a site with a few links… one has plans and parts (bumpers and pucks) to build your own. I say we enlist Quinn, he’d do a great job:

  3. Hamsterrolle’s on my buy list, but the rise of the dollar against that wacky Euro means it’s $50+. Discounted. I’m going to buy Ubongo before that, definitely.

    I don’t see a rating for Polarity in your Boardgamegeek profile. What’d you think? I see good stuff, it looks cool, but… it’s a dexterity game about magnets.

    Back in the, I had killfiled Crokinole just because the enthusiasts were SO enthusiastic. If you like it at all, you like it A LOT.