My Friend Jeff in: Domestic Eavesdropping

Jeff: I’m back at Borders working, and I remembered an awful conversation I overheard here. Mind if I relate it?

Me: sure!

Jeff: The situation was this. A young man, probably a grad student, is sitting minding his own business and working.

Jeff: A hot chick, apparently a fairly distant acquaintance, sits down and starts up a conversation.

Jeff: She apparently wants to be a model, and she’s telling him lots of annoying things about herself like, “I have a lot more of a European look than American.”

Jeff: Then she begins to tell him how much she likes the fashion industry and clothes and fashion magazines, etc.

Me: at this point if I were the guy I’d have to say, “excuse me for interrupting, but if this isn’t ending with me getting a blowjob, you’re gonna have to take it elsewhere”

Jeff: Funny you should mention that because I’m impressed by the fact that the guy is totally not trying to chat her up, but instead says in a very polite tone: “I find the whole fashion industry to be very superficial.”

Jeff: Hot chick: What do you mean by superficial?

Jeff: My hero: Lacking substance.

Jeff: Hot chick: Do you mean the people or the clothes?

Jeff: No, I’m not kidding.

Me: hahahahahahahahah

Jeff: She then proceeded to get really defensive and say things like, “you must be really into politics. Guys are into that kind of thing. I’m a girl and we’re more into fashion and stuff.”

Me: hahahaha

Me: that’s awesome. can I put it on the blog?

Jeff: Please do. I wanted to relate it to you over iChat as it was happening, but they were right next to me.

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One Response to My Friend Jeff in: Domestic Eavesdropping

  1. Vicky says:

    Is it any wonder I like hanging out with guys better than other girls. This conversation would make my head hurt.