Our Blockade is Perfectly Legal

Did you know that adultery is perfectly legal? It is. Sure, it’s grounds for divorce and a pretty poor idea, but it’s also 100% legal. You aren’t breaking any laws by breaking your marriage vows.

Also perfectly legal is the NSA’s massive database of Americans’ phone calls. No, not the spying on American citizens that the media has so politely dubbed “eavesdropping” so as not to alarm anyone, this is an enormous stockpiling of information on yours and my phone calls.

That’s the President’s defense of this program: it’s perfectly legal. Just like adultery.

It’s just top secret. It only came to light because a few people let the secret slip.

You know, whenever something like this comes up, we’re told that if we’re behaving ourselves, we don’t have anything to worry about. It seems to me that works both ways. As long as what you’re doing is on the up and up, government, why are you so keen on hiding it?

But don’t worry. It’s legal. (Not that it would matter if it wasn’t: President Bush is under the idea that he can ignore laws he doesn’t like, and his crony Alito supports this notion.) The President who told us he was going to bring morals and ethics back to the White House has now resorted to defending his actions with the weak, “Well, it’s legal.”

Just like adultery is legal. So if you’ve ever cheated on your spouse, walk with your head held high. Say it loud, say it proud, “What I did was perfectly legal!”

Whatever it is, even if it’s so abhorrent to decent citizens that you have to hide it away from them, rest assured that as long as it’s not technically breaking any laws, you’re not doing anything wrong!

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One Response to Our Blockade is Perfectly Legal

  1. David Thiel says:

    Becky, I’d start monitoring Dave’s phone records.