Are You Happy What You’re Doing?

Not much to say about today’s mp3 offering. It’s a song I really like by Grandaddy called “The Group Who Couldn’t Say.

Grandaddy — The Group Who Couldn’t Say (mp3)

This song is on my Mix CD U R Not My Apple Cake, which I listened to yesterday. I think it’s a great song with very moving lyrics.

The tale I’m gonna tell
Is about the group who couldn’t say
Together they discovered with each other the perfections of an outdoor day

They had won some kinda prize
For selling way more stuff than the other guys
They were the shrewdest unit-movers
So their bosses got ’em tours of the countryside

Holly saw a certain bird
But she couldn’t work up any words
She kinda lost her shoes and lost her mind
And smashed her phone upon a fallen pine

Darryl couldn’t talk at all
He wondered how the trees had grown to be so tall
He calculated all the height and width and density
For insurance purposes

And at the desktop there’s crying sounds
For all the projects due
And noone else is around
And the sprinklers that come on at 3am
Sound like crowds of people asking
“Are you happy what you’re doing?”

Becky wondered why
She’d never noticed dragonflies
Her drag and click had never yielded
Anything as perfect as a dragonfly

And then the supervisor stood
Right in the creek and it felt really good
And that’s about the time he finally realized the importance of this day
And that’s about the time he realized
That he was with the group who couldn’t say

And they felt so good it hurt forget the words
They were the group who couldn’t say

This song is from the album Sumday, which is excellent.

The band has a new album out on Tuesday called Just Like the Fambly Cat. You can hear the track “Rear View Mirror” at the band’s site, linked above. I expect we’re gonna keep an ear out for this one.

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