Comics, Free and Otherwise

Just a reminder, tomorrow they’re, like, totally giving away comic books. Click that image for more info.

As for non-free comics, here’s what I’m looking at in this month’s Previews. Let me know what you think.

  • Eden vol 4 (Dark Horse) — Volume 3 came out this week and it’ll determine whether or not I order this. I’m enjoying it so far. It’s post-apocalyptic, which is always a plus for me, and in the second volume we got into the characters a little bit more.
  • Comics Jam War 1-Shot (About) — I was sorry I didn’t get to participate in this event, and I’m curious to see the results.
  • Shaolin Cowboy #6 (Burlyman) — I strictly get this for the art. I dropped the silly Doc Frankenstein to justify continuing to get this.
  • Kramer’s Ergot #6 (Buenaventura) — This has a hefty price tag, but from what I’ve seen of people who’ve appeared in past issues, it seems totally worth it. I like good anthologies, and if it leads me to creators i like, all the better!
  • Left Bank Gang (Fantagraphics) – I enjoyed Jason’s previous offering, Why Are You Doing This? and am looking forward to reading more of his stuff. The idea here, of respected novelists as both anthropomorphic animals and graphic novelists, sounds pretty interesting.
  • Dungeon: Twilight vol 2 (NBM) — I got the first two Dungeon volumes a while back and found them to be really fun books. But I haven’t gotten any more since then for some reason. They’re on my Amazon wishlist, but I haven’t gotten around to picking them up. So I should at least try and get caught up before ordering any more.
  • Wasteland #1 (Oni) — Another post-apocalyptic book. I’ll give it a try and see if I want to continue, wait for the trade, or whatever.
  • I Am Going to Be Small GN (Top Shelf) — My collection is lacking some Jeffrey Brown, and while I don’t think I need full-length investigations into his sad love life, a collection of short pieces sounds like just the ticket.
  • Tezuka’s Buddha Vol 2 TP (Vertical) — Volume one is out this week and I’m really looking forward to picking it up. The only thing that kept me from getting these before was price, and the softcover solves that problem nicely. I’ve heard very good things about this biographical series.
  • Fortean Times #213 (FT) — Nope, I still don’t have a real subscription.

And that looks like it for this month. Kind of a break from the last two, which is welcome!

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