Meeple Deployment

The key to winning at Carcassonne is Meeple Deployment. Your meeples (the little wooden people that serve as game pieces) have to get in there, make the score, and get out, ready to score again. Wait too long to deploy, or deploy too many and you’re going to have problems. It is in this spirit I present the twenty-eighth entry in the Cool New Music series:


  1. The Decemberists – The Infanta
  2. Troubled Hubble – I’m Pretty Sure I Can See Molecules
  3. Wintergreen – When I Wake Up
  4. Zombina & the Skeletones – Nobody Likes You
  5. Feist – Mushaboom
  6. Andrew Bird – Fake Palindromes
  7. The Mountain Goats – This Year
  8. Fountains of Wayne – Red Dragon Tattoo
  9. The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt.1
  10. Baskervilles – Another Free Show In Battery Park
  11. The Radio Dept. – I Don’t Need Love, I’ve Got My Band
  12. Kathleen Edwards – Back To Me
  13. Devin Davis – Giant Spiders
  14. The Legends – Call It Ours
  15. Matthew Sweet – The Ocean In-between
  16. The Minders – Build
  17. Of Montreal – She’s My Best Friend
  18. The Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes
  19. The Clientele – My Own Face Inside The Trees
  20. Jet – Look What You Have Done
  21. John Vanderslice – Exodus Damage
  22. Grandaddy – I’m On Standby


  1. Alisa – Everlasting Love
  2. The Go! Team – Junior Kickstart
  3. The Weather Machines – Modern Text On Love
  4. Love As Laughter – Dirty Lives
  5. The New Pornographers – Twin Cinema
  6. They Might Be Giants – Prevenge
  7. The Cribs – Another Number
  8. The National – Mr. November
  9. Kasabian – LSF (Lost Souls Forever)
  10. Splashdown – Karma Slave
  11. Elbow – Fallen Angel
  12. Flunk – I’ve Been Waiting All My Life to Leave You
  13. MC Honky – The Baby That Was You
  14. Brian Eno & John Cale – One Word
  15. Hot Chip – Playboy
  16. Cake – Dime
  17. The Arcade Fire – Crown of Love
  18. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – Scattered Pearls
  19. Stars – Reunion
  20. Film School – P.S.

Meeple Deployment. Master it…and you master life.

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One Response to Meeple Deployment

  1. While I recognize a handful of songs on the list, and thus cannot comment on the list, I must commend you on the cover image. That’s both very funny and a little thought-provoking for me. I can’t see the yellow symbol in the lower right, but I assume you did the image. I know the topic is the music and not the Meeples, Dave, but some might enjoy the link to your very popular Board Game Geek List on Meeples.