And They Call ME the Luddite!

14:55:11 [legomancer] dear freaking internet world

14:55:31 [legomancer] please get over the whole podcast thing. thx

14:56:39 [legomancer] “you know what the internet needs? to be kicked down to the level of RADIO!”

14:57:22 [roomtemp] hatah.

14:57:23 [legomancer] “oh sure, we COULD have images, or text that could be processed, searched, skimmed, but what folks REALLY want is to just listen to people hrm and uh their way through an interview!”

15:02:07 [legomancer] “Podcasting too distracting for you? Try the brand new technology, DOTcasting! Individual letters are turned into unobtrusive dots and dashes to make listening easier!”

15:04:56 [lanfaedhe] hahaha. suddenly the 3 remaining 100-year old telegraph operators take an interest in the internet

15:05:17 [lanfaedhe] “I knew it’d make a comeback!”

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5 Responses to And They Call ME the Luddite!

  1. “you know what the internet needs? to be kicked down to the level of RADIO!”

    Speaking of internet and radio in the same sentence lead me to an unrelated thought. Too bad SHASradio is no longer. What a wonderful idea that was. Oh, there’s satellite radio and things like Live365, but SHASradio was pretty neat in the way users could contribute music that got added to the archive, and users could do requests on the fly.

    I didn’t like every song I heard, yet I took an interest in a fair amount of songs I never heard, especially international music. Back when Kazaa was viable, I DLed plenty of off the beaten path music, and my collection and listening experience is better for it. What a neat idea.

    Anyone know of any similar endeavors as SHASradio?

  2. shas says:

    I can recommend and

    There may one day be a shasradio revival. Don’t get too excited, though, I’m just sayin’.

  3. TJ says:

    Some folks are doing this with their RPG sessions, too; it’s like an added layer of escapism – now you’re not pretending to be a hero in a fantasy setting – you’re listening to people pretend!

  4. Anarkey says:

    If you think podcasts are just a bunch of idiots stammering through interviews, then you’re listening to the wrong podcasts. I can recommend NPR’s podcasts ( , specifically Story of The Day and Sunday Puzzler. I also really like Podictionary (

    But what I like best is recommending something to you that I know you have no interest in whatsoever.



  5. Dave says:

    /me shakes fist