Mix Well, Serve Chilled

It’s time for a new Mix CD. I’ve been sifting through recent mp3s and isolating the ones that are contenders for inclusion. The last one had 38 tracks on it, so these 69 will need to be whittled down somewhat. If you like, put in a kind word for a favored song.

The ones in bold are pretty much guaranteed to make the cut. (I can’t believe I don’t have “Red Dragon Tattoo” on a Mix CD yet!) The others will require some careful listening and choosing. Hell, maybe I’ll just make two volumes.

  1. Alisa – Everlasting Love
  2. Andrew Bird – Fake Palindromes
  3. Apartment – Everyone Says I’m Paranoid
  4. Barbara Morgenstern & Robert Lippok – Please Wake Me For Meals
  5. Baskervilles – Another Free Show In Battery Park
  6. Brian Eno & John Cale – One Word
  7. Cake – Dime (++)
  8. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – Scattered Pearls
  9. Devin Davis – Giant Spiders
  10. Elbow – Fallen Angel
  11. Faunts – Instantly Loved
  12. Feist – Mushaboom
  13. Figurine – Way Too Good
  14. Film School – P.S.
  15. Flunk – I’ve Been Waiting All My Life to Leave You
  16. Fountains of Wayne – Red Dragon Tattoo
  17. Grandaddy – I’m On Standby
  18. Hot Chip – Playboy
  19. Jet – Look What You Have Done (++)
  20. John Vanderslice – Exodus Damage
  21. Kasabian – LSF (Lost Souls Forever) (+)
  22. Kathleen Edwards – Back To Me
  23. LCD Soundsystem – Too Much Love
  24. Love As Laughter – Dirty Lives
  25. M.I.A. – Amazon (+-)
  26. M83 – Moonchild
  27. MC Honky – The Baby That Was You
  28. MSP – Bourgeois Now
  29. Matthew Sweet – The Ocean In-between (+)
  30. Maximo Park – Acrobat
  31. Nouvelle Vague – In A Manner Of Speaking
  32. OK Go – Get Over It (++-)
  33. Of Montreal – She’s My Best Friend
  34. Oh No! Oh My! – Walk in the Park
  35. PINE*am – Gymnopedie 0.1
  36. Plastic Bertrand – Ca Plane Pour Moi
  37. PuppetBOX – Kimberly X
  38. REM – Leaving New York
  39. Rilo Kiley – It’s a Hit (+)
  40. Shriekback – God’s Gardenias (+)
  41. Sonic Coaster Pop – Future Electric Machine
  42. Splashdown – Karma Slave
  43. Sputnik – Hello
  44. Stars – Reunion
  45. The Arcade Fire – Crown of Love
  46. The Avett Brothers – Talk On Indolence
  47. The Class of 98* – Everywhere You Go
  48. The Clientele – My Own Face Inside The Trees
  49. The Cribs – Another Number
  50. The Decemberists – The Infanta
  51. The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt.1 (++)
  52. The Go! Team – Junior Kickstart
  53. The Hysterics – Uptight Staircase
  54. The Legends – Call It Ours
  55. The Minders – Build (+)
  56. The Mountain Goats – This Year
  57. The National – Mr. November
  58. The New Pornographers – Twin Cinema (+)
  59. The Olympic Hopefuls – Let’s Go!
  60. The Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes
  61. The Radio Dept. – I Don’t Need Love, I’ve Got My Band
  62. The Weather Machines – Modern Text On Love
  63. They Might Be Giants – Prevenge
  64. Troubled Hubble – I’m Pretty Sure I Can See Molecules
  65. United State of Electronica – Night Shift
  66. West Indian Girl – What Are You Afraid Of
  67. Wintergreen – When I Wake Up
  68. Youth Group – Skeleton Jar
  69. Zombina & the Skeletones – Nobody Likes You

UPDATE – Some chopping has begun, as you can see. I’ll try to keep this updated.

In parantheses are whether the song has been yea’d or nay’d by folks.

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6 Responses to Mix Well, Serve Chilled

  1. Dave, while not familiar some songs, I do like the following non-bolded songs: #s 7, 19, 21, 29, 40, 51, and 55, if that helps any.

    Swat me no more flies….

    I’d suggest “Fortress” by Pinback, as that one is *still* getting heavy play on my iPod, but hey, this is your mix, eh?

  2. stealthcomic says:

    I am appalled by how few of these songs I know. Clearly, my life has been empty without your mixes, Dave. Or at least it has been less musically diverse.

    But I can still geez with the best of them–I was THERE when the Cool New Music Tapes were TAPES! Back in Ninteen-ought-five…

  3. Bill Doughty says:

    “It’s a Hit” by Rilo Kiley is really excellent, and would make a nice bridge between two more rocking songs… it has a good tempo, but would make for a bit of a breather.

    “Twin Cinema” is a good tune, too, but I think “The Bleeding Heart Show” is a better song off of that New Pornographer’s album.

  4. Dave says:

    Stealthcomic, truth be told, I haven’t heard of many of these bands. Thanks to mp3 blogs, KEXP, and friends, for many of these bands, this is the only song of theirs I know.

    And the truly amazing thing is, I don’t even try that hard to get hold of new music. These songs are just from my casual grabbing of what’s out there. I can’t imagine if I were actively, aggressively pursuing stuff how much more I’d find.

  5. Kurt says:

    I’d like to put a + in for Zombina! And I’m willing to guess that you don’t have Zombina on a mix cd yet.

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