Looking for Free DVD Burning Software

As you are no doubt aware,


which means I’m gonna be downloading the episodes and wanting to burn them to DVD.

In the past I used a Nifty Easy Reliable…uhhh…Origami program to do the burning. It was way easy, just drop the AVI file into the menu, make a title screen if you wish, and ba-zam, you got a DVD. Unfortunately, this program, though I still have it somewhere, isn’t free (legally), and I’m on this jag where, apart from Windows, everything I’m using on my computer is legit freeware.

I know there’s a lot of clunky-ass stuff out there that will, after using fourteen different programs and various codecs and other stuff, eventually make me a DVD from an AVI file. But is there something that does it in one easy step?

Let me know what you recommend, please!

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One Response to Looking for Free DVD Burning Software

  1. pronoblem says:

    Ask Al… he does this stuff all day at work.