Who’s Coming

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3 Responses to Who’s Coming

  1. No cable. Also already saw 1st season via getting physical copies from England. Certainly not via Bittorrent. That would be wrong. 1st season rocked, by the way. My wife and I are both big fans, and we loved it.

  2. Dave says:

    Why is bittorrent “wrong”? How is it any different from physical copies from England?

    And yes, the first season did rock. I am so glad they did such a great job with the show after dreading the many ways it could have gone totally wrong. I’m particularly glad that Becky is just as excited about the new season as I am!

  3. Sorry, should’ve made that arcasm clearer. Ha ha, no, I Bittorrented the whole thing. Do people still move physical repositories of TV shows around?