I’m Thinking: Just Like The O.C. Except in the Middle of a Huge Desert

Star Wars series to run and run

They’re saying that like a threat, aren’t they?

The TV series spin-off of the Stars Wars [sic] film franchise will run to at least 100 episodes, according to producer Rick McCallum.

He told BBC Radio 1 the writing team would soon be meeting to start on the project, which would begin filming in 2008 and be ready the same year.

“Hopefully if we can make it work and everybody’s excited and watches it we will keep on going,” said McCallum.

I’m sure that cow can produce plenty of blue milk. Star Wars fans are pretty undiscriminating.

The series will be set between episodes three and four of the film saga.

It would cover the 20 years in the life of Luke Skywalker growing up that remains a mystery to most film-goers.

My impression of those 20 years is that they were spent on a moisture farm, boring Luke to tears. This does not sound like compelling television, although during sweeps week he could ride into Toschi Station and pick up some power converters.

Here’s how I’d do it. You ready for this: Mayberry in Space. Biggs Darklighter is the handsome, suave, Andy Griffith one, and Luke’s his Barney Fife. They’re not cops, but they get involved with all sorts of wacky, folksy Tattooine misadventures. Oh no! Jawas stole Aunt Beru’s pie! Now she’ll never win the Dune Sea regional bake-off! Luke learns an important lesson about responsibility when a friendly womp rat follows him home! Hey, let’s go throw dirt clods at crazy Old Man Kenobi! Oh no, Luke’s grounded and can’t take Camie to the big dance in Anchorhead! It’s gold, I tell you!

No word yet on whether or not young Luke’s girlfriend will still be portrayed by a porn star.

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5 Responses to I’m Thinking: Just Like The O.C. Except in the Middle of a Huge Desert

  1. David Thiel says:

    For what it’s worth, I suspect that McCallum was misquoted. My understanding is that it would be set during the 20-year period between trilogies, but would feature new characters. So, probably no Star Wars Babies series.

  2. Lanf says:

    I think the 20 years of Luke growing up needs to remain a mystery, honestly. No one cares what Ulysses was doing as a kid because the action happens when he’s a cyclops-blinding enchantress-enchanting brawny man. Likewise, Luke’s action begins when the Empire makes the mistake of not shooting an unmanned escape pod.

  3. CounterProductive says:

    As long as the series has an episode that faithfully recreates that late-70s XMas special with the wookies, I’m IN!

  4. Paul says:

    Lukes blaster would only hold enough charge for one shot, but he’d have to keep the fuel cell in the pouch on his belt.

    Young Jabba as Otis the drunk, before he switches to that wacky hookah and becomes a crime baron.

    God, I hope to hell they don’t even mention Luke while he was growing up. Luke was only barely interesting after he met Obi Wan. I could perhaps go for a prequel series that focused on Yoda in his crazy, partying college days. Maybe a show about Han Solo and Chewie meeting four of their other close “friends” at a coffee shop while sharing inane banter. Both of those last show ideas sound better than the Luke growing up story line. I’m e-mailing Lucas right now.

  5. Vicky says:

    As I would prefer to stay married I will keep my comments to my self.