Coming Soon!


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7 Responses to Coming Soon!

  1. Kitty says:

    Oh my god OH MY GOD.

    That is so a three-margarita movie. That I will see!

  2. David Thiel says:

    I have to admit, as a piece of marketing, it’s beyond brilliant. People have already been talking about this movie for months, even though it’s neither a sequel nor a superhero film. And sure, the trailer makes it look every bit of the dumbassery one would expect, but deep down, there’s an inner Dave (the one who likes Jeremy Irons in Dungeons & Dragons) who would probably get a kick out of its wretchedness.

  3. Dave says:

    Beaks: One of those films that you’re working on right now is… well, it’s called Pacific Air 121–

    Jackson: Snakes on a Plane, man!

    Beaks: Exactly.

    Jackson: We’re totally changing that back. That’s the only reason I took the job: I read the title.

    Beaks: Snakes on a Plane! That’s everything!

    Jackson: You either want to see that, or you don’t.

    Beaks: And how are those snakes? Besides being on a plane?

    Jackson: Some of them are aggressive, some of them are cool. They’re interesting to watch, and interesting to interact with. It depends on what kind of snake it is. One day, it took, like, four guys to bring in this 350 lb. Burmese Python. We were all like, “Where’s that goin’?” And I watched an Albino Cobra strike airplane seats the other day. I watched it from another studio. It’s actually been a fun show. But we’re taking the name back!

  4. Sistawoman says:

    Oh my GOD!!!! I couldn’t get the trailer to load and what a relief! So I googled Snakes on a Plane thinking this was some kind of goof. There is NOT ENOUGH MONEY IN THE WORLD to make me PAY money to see that. I think someone should stand outside the theater and hand out cards for a local psychiatrist (like groups hand out religios tracts)to anyone who buys a ticket to that disaster because those people are a threat to themselves as well as others.

  5. Sistawoman says:

    And then what will be next???? Pigs in blanket? Fish in a barrell?? Where will it all end???

  6. Dave says:

    I think the sequel will be Bears on an Elevator.