An Open Letter to Mr. James Robinson

This past weekend I was in our local library, perusing their graphic novel/comics trade paperbacks selection. (I have documented in the past how much ass their selection kicks. My picks this time: An American Splendor collection, Berlin book one, Cromartie High School vol 1, and Joe Sacco’s War’s End.) Among the offerings was volume one of your series from 1996, Leave it to Chance, a series I really enjoyed.

Not long ago a friend of mind was asking for comic book recommendations for her daughter and Leave it to Chance came up. I told her that LitC was a wonderful book with great stories, a great protagonist, and very nice art, but I couldn’t recommend it. Why? Because it has no ending. It just quits because you, Mr. Robinson, just quit. Ten years later and there’s still no decent resolution to the book. Most kids would love this series and then be disappointed when it just stops abruptly. Tears would well up in their little eyes, Mr. Robinson, and although you might derive some sadistic pleasure out of making little kids cry, I certainly do not! So no, I can’t recommend this book as is.

Now, I know you’re busy playing in the big-boy sandbox over at DC, writing The Dark Secrets of Batman’s Hair or something, but when you’re tired of writing Thrice-Told Tales of the Dark Knight and want to work on something worthwhile, why not pick up LitC again? I mean, no hurry. Let’s not deprive the world of another vital Batman comic, but just when you get around to it.

Don’t do it for me, Mr. Robinson. Do it for the kids.

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One Response to An Open Letter to Mr. James Robinson

  1. Charlie says:

    Ya know…I’d written something, looked and saw it was a rant and erased it. Suffice to say I’ll leave it with these words. Not finishing something seems to be the norm in the comic book industry. So why do we support it?