Now I Can Do Some Complex Modeling

You remember my computer problems from a couple weeks ago? They cleared up for a while, but then suddenly my machine crashed and wouldn’t boot back up, as it didn’t see any hard drives present. Yikes! It eventually did reboot, but that little stunt put it on the “unreliable” list, and a new computer was ordered. It arrived yesterday!

I ended up getting a FastMicro 486DX-66. (I went ahead and got the math co-processor now, rather than add it later.) It’s got a stunning 16MB of RAM, and the spacious 120MB hard drive is going to take some serious work to fill up! It’s a pretty sweet machine.

Ha! no, seriously, I got me one of them Dells. It’s pretty nice, certainly somewhat nicer than my previous machine, but I’m still having a hard time getting jazzed about it, considering I didn’t really want to buy it. I know I should be all “woohoo, new computer!” but I’m just not feeling it. See, the thing is, I did want a new computer, preferably something of the genus Macintosh. But I can’t afford to drop that kind of coin on a computer right now, so instead I had to get something that would both be reliable until I can get a nice new machine and would simultaneously put that new machine further out of financial reach.

So anyway, I get in this new Dell. And dear god, the shovelware that came on it! Turn it on and it’s like a freakin carnival, with all kinds of windows popping up at random and shrieking at me to register whatever idiotic thing I didn’t want in the first place. I started to install the stuff I use for work and for fun and realized, “Before I throw too much new stuff on here I should clear off some of this other stuff.” I went to the installed software list and I swear it’s three times as long as I’ve ever seen it. And I have no idea what so much of it is. There’s something in there called “Otto”. What does Otto do? Who knows? Can I remove it? Maybe! I think that by law they should have to provide a list of what all this crap is and what it does.

I start dumping the stuff that I can obviously dump and not only is it taking forever (because every single one of them seems to think a reboot is necessary after it’s removed) but soon there’s a screwup. As soon as I boot, something tries and fails to re-install itself.

Eventually I decided that I’d had enough, wiped the drive, and re-installed Windows. All gone.

I finally have it more or less how I want it. I need to put in my DVD burner from my old computer and maybe one of the old hard drives. Then I’m gonna play around with Linux on that hard drive, and once I’m pleased with the results, zabam! I’m gonna be in Linux land permanently!

In case you’re curious, what I got was a Dell Dimension E310. The processor is a Pentium 4, 2.80 GhZ, and it’s got 512 MB of RAM. And an 80GB hard drive. And a sweet, sweet, 2400 baud modem that’s gonna SCREAM.

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2 Responses to Now I Can Do Some Complex Modeling

  1. Kurt says:

    The nice thing about the 2400 buad modem is that you can change the speed to 1200 if you want to use an alias on a BBS. The admins often check the dialup speeds when trying to figure out who’s who.

  2. Charlie says:

    I feel your pain on the new machine. Had a laptop that died a two or three months ago and I didn’t want to drop coin so I fell back onto an old desktop that I’d cobbled together for fun. That died about a month ago (kinda like what you were describing…crashed and then sometimes would run and sometimes wouldn’t). Started to get the Dell and decided to just go down to the local computer store instead. Same coin, same basic machine just without the shipping costs. I’m still deleting the garbage that they put on it and still trying to find some of the docs for my important programs to put on it. just takes all the fun out of a new machine. Oh well, it’ll do the job which is a good thing too since the dryer just died yesterday :(