Why can’t those Muslims outraged about those cartoons of Mohammed just get over it?

Haven’t they ever heard of Freedom of Speech?

It’s just a cartoon, folks!

Jeez, get a grip!

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9 Responses to Jeez!

  1. David Thiel says:

    Normally I’d be right there with you, Dave, but as much as I despise the Religious Reich and their strong-arm tactics, I don’t recall any buildings being torched over the Piss Christ. The reaction to those lame cartoons is so far over the top that the top appears as a speck seen from orbit. These protesters are people that want to be frothingly angry in order to justify their hateful acts of violence. There’s a parallel in Christian Fundamentalist behavior, to be sure, but I wouldn’t equate the two in this case.

    One good point I’d recently read about all this took issue with the notion that it was blasphemous for these Danish papers to print the cartoons. Sure, images of Mohammed are forbidden…to Muslims. Should non-Muslims be held to the same standard? Are non-Jews expected to obey dietary laws, or non-Christians to honor the Sabbath?

  2. Dave says:

    You’re right that the extent of the outrage is clearly different. I’m not by any means excusing the actions of the people protesting the Danish cartoons. But I find it interesting that many of the people who are saying that they just need to get over it are the same people who daily find something to get their butt-fur up about.

    Also it should be pointed out that the cartoons were printed exactly to irritate people. Being surprised that they did so is a little disingenuous, no? Is anyone genuinely surprised that the radical branch of Islam is acting so, well, radical?

  3. David Thiel says:

    I liked that part of the Muslim reaction was to issue a call for cartoons poking fun at the Holocaust, presumably because of all those Danish Jews. Stephen Colbert did a funny bit on his show in which he attempted his own tit-for-tat by drawing a stick figure cartoon that insulted the Little Mermaid and other Danish icons.

  4. Nigel says:

    I just like the term “butt-fur” and plan on now using it.

  5. pronoblem says:

    No one died because of the Piss Christ… I think. I’ve never seen it in person, but I’ve been to two Mapplethorpe exhibits (Andres Serrano actually did the Piss Christ, but it has been miscredited as it was in the same show with Mapplethorpe’s “homo-erotic” work) and I went to the Brooklyn Museum just to see Ofili’s “The Holy Virgin Mary” that Herr Giuliani was making all that fuss about and mostly because of the fuss I went to see it (but also because Damien Hurst had some works there – animals cut in half by a saw or laser and then pickled). Mary was beautiful, Hurst, ugly. I also went to the MassMOCA exhibit that was shut down by Homeland Security ( ) Great stuff… did not offend me at all, but then again, I’ve tasted the maggots of the mind of the Universe, and I was not offended then either… Nor do I strive to be “PC” for anyone. However, art can offend the viewer, with or without the intention of the artist. It can also be racial bigotry in some cases – could a burnt cross on exhibit offend both christians and blacks? Would the skin color or the faith of the artist determine who should be offended…?

    The more that any piece of work can stir up these “predictable radicals” or butt-fur alarmists the more I like it. However, it is horrible that people will die as a result. Hardly a butt-fur reaction there.

  6. Frosty Snowbro says:

    Well, said. They should just get over it. And NOT direct their Anger toward the US over these. Why? CAUSE SOLVING CARTOON RIOTS AIN’T OUR FUCKING PROBLEM!!!!

  7. CounterProductive says:

    At one level, I agree in thinking, “oh, grow up already” when it comes to the cartoons. But this is obviously a complex issue to me, one who can paint overly borad strokes at times and overly simplifies at times. Your point of reference, Dave, is you and how you process things. That ain’t how things, in general, are processed by those inflamed by the cartoons.

    I won’t even comment on the radicals using this for political gain to stir anger for their benefit. We have those here in this country as well, known as Republicans & Democrats, even though their stirring is less violent.

    You have over there a large mass of poor, uneducated, and highly pissed-off people. Their religion, as silly as it may be to educated people, is what they identify and define themselves with, more than anything else I am aware of. Tends to happen with poor people, even in this country. To insult their religion is more than just a poking of fun to them, it goes much deeper.

    You would think that atrocities such as the moronic crusades would be out of their system by now, but the crusader term is still used by them. The violence between the Palestinians and Jews is a vicious circle, only further entrenching the belief that there’s an attack on Islam. Bitterness takes long to die. They think very differently about reality than you or I might.

    The violence is past my understanding. Yet I see few people, at least in the media, try to understand the perspectives of the really angry over there. I am not empathizing as much as thinking that if we expect the violence to stop anytime soon, we must strive to have a much better understanding of how the thinking of others not like us is appreciably differnt; a very differemt reality perspective. Then again, if it doesn’t affect them, most people in this country could care less.

  8. David Thiel says:

    Hmm…looks like Frosty missed the point. Dave, I guess you were too subtle again.