Laughing Neither With You Nor At You. In Fact, Not Laughing at All.

Something you may not know about me is that I’m a left-winger. I tend to be pretty quiet about my political beliefs, though. But some of my friends and family are aware of these beliefs, and as a result, they send me email containing cartoons and jokes lampooning Bush and his nest of vipers. I appreciate the sentiment behind these mailings, but the truth of the matter is, I don’t really find them funny.

I’m not amused by the Bush Administration. I don’t find him cute or wacky. I don’t get enjoyment from his inability to form a coherent sentence in his own language, or his pride in his ignorance, or his kooky worldview based on apocalyptic mythology. None of this makes me laugh. Not with him, not at him.

History is going to look back on this era, assuming it’s allowed to eventually, and wonder what the hell was going on. “Were they all hypnotized? Was something in the water? How could they not see what was right in front of them? Look here, Tony-7, here’s yet another instance where someone says something, it’s recorded in a thousand different ways as they say it, and then they deny they said it and people believe them. I’m starting to think your theory of rampant head injuries is plausible!”

I’m not exaggerating when I say we’re witnessing possibly the all-time worst Administration in history. Many bad Presidents are simply ineffectual, but Bush has been constantly destructive towards America. He’s wrecked the economy, he’s destroyed alliances, he’s eliminated any credibility America had, and, unsatisfied with all that, he’s working on destroying the actual foundations of our government by surrounding himself with cronies and sycophants like Alberto Gonzales and Samuel Alito, who agree that the President is above the law and answerable to no one. And meanwhile the corrupt right and the impotent left show disinterest in holding this man and his minions accountable for anything.

(Republicans, those of the delicate sensibilities, are of course outraged by statements made at Coretta Scott King’s funeral regarding the Katrina response. “It was not the time or place,” say they. Considering that we were told that when it was happening it wasn’t the time, and now, four months later, it’s still not the time, and it hasn’t been the time at any point in between, when will be the time to discuss our shameful response to this disaster? When Bush feels like talking about it? He’s moved on to other disasters and is done with this one. At what point are we going to be able to examine anything that’s done in this country’s name without the Republicans being outraged and whining “pure politics!”?)

So no, I’m not entertained by the misdeeds on parade here. The number of reprehensible activities has spiraled out of control with no end in sight and we have three years to go, assuming normal Constitutional practices are still in effect by 2008. I am embarrassed and outraged at the arrogance, corruption, immorality, callousness, ignorance, and hubris of this administration. I’m trying to remain merely befuddled at instead of enraged by those who continue to defend and support him.

(And it’s especially bad when the people sending the emails voted for the man. Twice.)

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