Ganges #1 is the Cure for Bird Flu

Now, I’m not going to say that Kevin Huizenga’s Ganges #1, available this week from Fantagraphics Press, is the cure for the HN51 Avian Influenza A (“Bird Flu”) virus. But I will point out that none of the sufferers of HN51 to date own a copy of this comic. Maybe that’s not significant to you, but hey, if you want to gamble on getting the bird flu, be my guest. Just don’t come bugging me with your little pandemic if you neglected to take the proper precautions. I’ll be happily reading my copy of Ganges #1 and not having the bird flu.

How about a preview?

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2 Responses to Ganges #1 is the Cure for Bird Flu

  1. roomtemp says:


    all right, i’m going to call the two metro-area comix shoppes after i post this, but i’m willing to bet you one (1) tattered copy of marvel two-in-one #79 (featuring shanga, the star dancer!) that neither store will have it OR have plans to order it.

  2. roomtemp says:

    *sigh* redux

    i call, am rebuffed, and have to hear this:
    “no, we don’t get too many people read that sort of stuff in here.”