Say, Does Anyone on the Internet Know About this “Manga” Stuff?

I followed a link elsewhere, TangognaT’s joint, I believe, and caught a “Manga of 2005” article. What caught my eye was the description of a title called Blame! as “post-apocalyptic,” a genre I kind of like. I read the brief review of Blame! over on Tokypop’s site and it seems interesting enough. Anyone out there read it and can give me a yea or nay on it?

As long as I’m here, I’m also kind of interested in Juror 13. Again, thumbs up or down?

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One Response to Say, Does Anyone on the Internet Know About this “Manga” Stuff?

  1. Vikram says:


    I read your blog occasionally and find it a great read. I have read the first two volumes of Blame!, and I like it a lot. It’s post-apocalyptic, like you’ve already mentioned, and seems to take place in a vast, metallic labryinth. The artwork is very nice, IMO. The way Nihei draws architecture is really beautiful, and his actions scenes are nice too. The first volume, at least, is very sparse on dialogue. It’s very atmospheric and suitably mysterious, and stuff gets blown up! :-) Well, I love it anyway. Keep up the good work!