Shelter Update

Some of you may remember that my sister’s church ran a shelter for Hurricane Katrina victims. She’s sent me an update on it:

I wanted to let you know that our hurricane relief shelter is officially closed as of this week-end. All of our residents have relocated. The majority went into FEMA trailers. At our maximum, we housed up to 48 at one time. We fed up to as many as 60 per night for months. As time went by and our numbers began to decrease, we provided prepared food fewer days a week thus allowing the residents to take on some sense of control in their lives. This was important, for the loss of control and the loss of hope was far far worse than the loss of any material things.

Although none of them are “home” yet, they have all moved on to the next step in a very long journey. There is no return to anything for these folks. Ahead is the only direction they have available to them. They left with our love as well as some material support that we were able to provide to them thanks to the generous gifts of our church family as well as our human family at large. And as when any family member leaves, there were tears. Tears of joy as well as good-bye tears.

Thank you for posting our situation on your website. We received support from your visitors that we would not have gotten if you hadn’t done that. I know that my faith differs from yours, however, regardless, if we answered a calling from God or from the heart, we responded to the cry of the broken and that is what Christianity is to me. We took care of the other.

Thanks again for your support and help.

I echo her thanks to everyone who helped out. It was great to see so many people stepping up to aid others.

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