Exploring the Amazon

Earlier today, in chizat:

10:32:53 [legomancer] f***ing christ, amazon, can you make it ANY harder to find other peoples’ wish lists?

10:33:23 [legomancer] it’s been a few months since my last rant, but jesus, for such a big online success story, amazon is so f***ing user-hostile

10:36:59 [shasticon] Yeah. And our new director apparently cites Amazon as the pinnacle of website design.

10:40:06 [legomancer] oh boy

10:42:27 [discordanian] I don’t get why they make it hard to find wishlists. Wishlists are $$$$$ to amazon.

10:42:49 [discordanian] You’d think they’d have ‘put this link on your home page to your wishlist’

10:43:03 [roomtemp] totally agree.

10:43:27 [roomtemp] and echo the sentiment. i was frankly befuddled by how hard it was last year. it should be the EASIEST thing to find.

10:44:52 [shasticon] Yeah, it’s completely backward.

10:45:36 [legomancer] this calls for immediate action. TO THE BLOGCAVE!

So here’s my annual Amazon rant. Amazon.com, why do I continue to periodically give you business when I hate you so? We’re coming up on New Year, so maybe an anti-Amazon resolution is in order for 2006.

The Amazon.com website is a full-frontal assault. I cannot imagine anyone using this site to do anything other than go directly to an item they already know about. If Amazon were a brick-and-mortar bookstore, you wouldn’t go within 50 yards of it. How often would you go into a store where, upon walking in the door, forty employees run towards you shouting at you to buy things?

And with Christmas approaching, how easy is it to find another person’s wishlist, even if you’ve tagged that person as a favorite? I’ve seen cures for the Common Cold that are easier to find than another person’s wishlist on Amazon! You’d think that, especially with Christmas coming, this feature would be front-and-center, but no, it’s awkwardly buried behind a bunch of opaque selections.

And the worst part is, as shasticon says, people admire this horrible design! And copy it! For how many years will we have to endure this awful model until someone with influence says, “You know, this is really a crappy design for a website.”

It makes me angry…and I don’t know what to do with my anger!

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3 Responses to Exploring the Amazon

  1. Lanf says:

    Shitty design though they may have, Amazon at least has a rep as a reliable seller. I can check froogle as often as I want, but it’s still dicey to buy from “superbestpriceshere.com” no matter how many positive customer reviews they boast. I tried to find a wish list last night, through the filter of someone else’s hand on the mouse. It basically went like this: “Click there. Okay, now click that link. Crap. Click back a couple times. Okay, I KNOW I’ve seen the friends & favorites link somewhere just today. Try clicking on MY wishlist now. Damn.”

  2. TJ says:

    I don’t know what all the hate’s about. I found Becky’s wish-list in 30 seconds. Want to know what I did? I clicked on Wish List at the top of the page. Then I typed “Becky Lartigue” in the search box. And then I saw her list. How unmanageable is that, really?

  3. Dave says:

    To contrast, TJ, I have Becky added as a Favorite Person. To get to her wishlist, instead of searching for it, if I start at the first page…Hrmm, nothing there that says anything about my Favorite People’s Wish Lists. Let’s look in the mile-long left-hand column. There we go…buried somewhere in the middle is Wish Lists. Since I’m looking for someone else’s wish list and not my own, I’ll head there instead of the “My Wish List” tab at the top.

    Doh! This IS my Wish List! Well surely here will be a link to my Favorite People. Well, there’s the “Find a Wish List” box, but I’ve already flagged Becky as a Favorite Person; clearly there was a reason to do that. Still, nothing about Favorite People here. Oh! My Wish Lists! That sounds like it might be the right thing! *click*

    Nope! Wrong! Apparently I can have multiple Wish Lists! Hooray! So…back to where we were.

    After poking around, I finally find these people on…”Your Amazon Home”. Obviously NOT my Amazon Home, since this is the first I’ve seen it. I must’ve missed something back on the front page.

    Oh yes! Here it is! The FIFTH item in the LAST menu on the left hand side would have gotten me there in a jiffy! Good thing I tagged all those people as favorites to get to them easily!

    This is shitty site design. It used to be that your favorite people were accessible from right on your wish list page. Drop down menu and BAM you’re in. Now There’s absolutely no point in flagging anyone as a favorite since, as you point out, it’s easier to just start from scratch.