Game Night

(13:37:40) Riggy469: what are we gonna play?

(13:37:56) Beebomancer: Well the two I’d like to do are Stephenson’s Rocket and Monkeys on the Moon

(13:38:03) Riggy469: ok

(14:19:47) Riggy469: HEY!!!!!!

(14:20:02) Riggy469: why, Stephenson’s Rocket isn’t about rockets at all!!!!!

(14:20:08) Beebomancer: no!

(14:20:15) Riggy469: I feel somewhat saddened by that

(14:20:28) Riggy469: I thought it was a space themed night

(14:20:31) Riggy469: with the monkeys

(14:20:34) Beebomancer: well

(14:20:42) Beebomancer: we can pretend monkeys are driving the trains

(14:21:05) Beebomancer: Monkey Train Tycoon

(14:21:07) Beebomancer: I’d play that

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