TV or Not TV?

Monday night, our final TV broke. Our original main TV, the one we bought when we first got married, gave up the ghost earlier this year after 12 years of service, which is not a bad run at all for a current piece of consumer electronics. At that point we moved another TV into the main room, a combo TV-VCR we’d bought a while back that had formerly lived in the bedroom. On Monday it got into an argument with a videotape, which cause its innards to get all confused. We pried the tape out but still it raged against it, shutting itself off when its desire to eject the tape no longer inside it went unfulfilled. Alas, we were TV-less!

Now, you all know how I feel about that. The only show in recent memory I watched on a regular basis was Lost, and I gave up on that early into this season. (For no particular reason, I just stopped watching it.) As far as I’m concerned, the TV mainly exists as a medium for the Playstation 2, and since that’s been acting up as well, my solution was simple: throw the whole mess out. Get rid of the broken TV, the broken PS2, the broken DVD player, and the VCR which no doubt is succumbing to the forces of entropy as we speak, and free up the space, the concern, and the cable bill for other things.

This wise and rational plan, dear readers, not only got vetoed down, but it got me called a Luddite!

So Tuesday we went out to get a new TV, which was more difficult than it would seem. The TV we were replacing was a 21″ set. We first found out that there are two types of TVs nowadays: Ridiculously Expensive and Not So Much. In the Not So Much category, you can either buy a 20″ set for about $140 or you can buy a 27″ set for about $160. And the $140 sets are of brands like Soney, Parasonic, Shadytech, and so forth — names you’ve either never heard of, or names that are close to ones you have heard of but not quite there. The message pretty much is, if you’re not going to be a good American and buy a huge TV you can’t afford, at least let us steer you to more TV than you want. Sure enough, we went with a 27″ Phillips.

Is it any good? Meh, it’s a TV. It does the job. I’m glad for the bigger screen for the sake of PS2 games and the occasional subtitled DVD we watch. It’s got an S-Video thinger which is supposed to be good for the PS2 as well, but I think you need to buy some special cable for that. For us, of course, a 27″ screen rates as “hugelarge” but I know most of our friends will snicker at that. Hopefully this one will last a dozen or so years as well.

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3 Responses to TV or Not TV?

  1. Blasterhappy says:

    We have a 27″ Toshiba that I bought when I had my business and it is great! Not to big or too small…Just right! But don’t think I wouldn’t chunk it for a nice 40″ theaterview flat screen High-Def. Let’s not get silly now!

  2. Lanf says:

    Man Dave, you is teh crazey. Without TV, how will you find out what you’re supposed to wear/eat/listen to?

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