I Can’t Stands No More

Okay, I’ve had it with blo.gs. Ever since Yahoo bought it a few months ago, the service has just gone down the tubes. It is currently far less functional than it was when the multi-million dollar corporation took it over. It still goes down about three times a day, doesn’t show links correctly, the search feature (which is the only way to add new blogs to it) hasn’t worked in I don’t know how long, dropping blogs doesn’t work, long-dead blogs suddenly pop up to the top for no reason…it’s horrible. And considering it was working fine before the new boss came in, I’ve no confidence that he’ll fix it up well or soon. So I’m looking for a replacement, and I need suggestions.

Here’s what I don’t want: an RSS reader. I am fully aware that there are hundreds of ways to grab RSS feeds. I’m not looking for one of those ways. I’m looking for something that does what blo.gs did: notes when sites are updated and informs me of such. That’s all. I know that an RSS reader will do my taxes, whiten my teeth, blow on my feet, and fix me a turkey pot pie, but that’s not what I want.

So, knowing what I want and what I don’t want, anyone got any suggestions?

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5 Responses to I Can’t Stands No More

  1. tangognat says:

    Well, it uses RSS, but maybe the live bookmarks feature in firefox would let you see when a site has been updated without reading the full feed.

  2. Lanf says:

    Dude, it’ll blow on your feet? I need to get me some of that action.

  3. plastic peeps says:

    I don’t like Firefox’s live bookmarks feature because it takes up the entire left side of my screen.

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