Beer is a “Sometimes Food”

(The title has nothing to do with the post. It’s a quote from Becky.)

So, hot on the heels of my post complaining about recreational shopping, I bring you news of recreational shopping!

My time I’ve been spending on BoardGameGeek (BGG) has opened my eyes to the fact that a lot of good games can often be had for cheap at thrift stores. So on Saturday I decided to check out some of the shops in my area. I also hit some tag sales. I had a pretty good first thrift run, I must say!

First score was at a tag sale (that’s what they call garage/yard sales here in the Northeast.) Here I found Jitters, a dice-based word game. It’s got some good feedback on BGG, so we’ll probably give it a play soon.

A few more tag sales didn’t have much for me, but then I hit Goodwill. Big score there! I picked up an old Avalon Hill game called USAC Auto Racing. It’s got exactly the name and design of 1970s Avalon Hill games: looks and sounds about appealing as memorizing the encyclopedia. However, it’s more or less complete, and in some demand, so it’ll make good trade fodder. I also picked up a Scrabble set because there’s a game I want to make my own version of and the tiles will be good for that.

But the huge find at Goodwill was Boot Hill. This is a wild west-based RPG that TSR came out with in 1979. It’s long out of print and in demand, so I knew I’d found something worthwhile for a buck-seventy-five. What I didn’t realize until I got it home was that the box also contained the referee’s screen and all three Boot Hill adventure modules, all of which are hard to find. My field of vision was replaced simply with flashing dollar signs, and when I came to, I found I had already put it on eBay.

I checked a couple more thrift stores with no luck and then headed back home. On the way, I stopped at one more tag sale. Here I found a great game, Quandary. This is a game by Reiner Knizia, a big name in boardgame circles. It has been published under many names, and the “Quandary” version was Milton Bradley’s attempt at selling it. They totally went overboard on it, replacing the cards and plastic chips with awesome hefty tiles. Since they were trying to sell a game without dice to the American market, it didn’t work, but I found this gem for three bucks on someone’s lawn. This is a keeper!

So for about $10 all told, I did pretty well, considering the Boot Hill auction has already made my money back and I’ll probably be able to trade the Auto Racing game for something else.

I also passed up several chances to buy Monopoly, but there’s nothing surprising about that; I also pass up several chances per day to contract tetanus.

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3 Responses to Beer is a “Sometimes Food”

  1. Argott says:

    Weird, weird, weird. I just discovered the same thing, in about the same way. My big score was a perfect copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull the game (well, some box wear). I haven’t been so delighted with a non-media purchase in years.

    Will it play worth a damn? Absolutely not. But that’s not really the point.

  2. Charles says:

    Wish the goodwill down here had games. I’ve an inside line to get them cheap but all I end up with is breakable glass and what-nots. Ohhhhh…the agony of it all.

  3. Uncle Stewart says:

    There is nothing “food” or “sometimes” about beer, Rebecca.