I Get Paid For Doing This

(11:28:46) Beebomancer: I made a smart playlist in winamp of only songs that are track 3 on whatever album they’re on

(11:29:05) GarfCp: al-right

(11:29:14) GarfCp: neat trick. hope it brings you much joy.

(11:29:27) Beebomancer: I AM ECSTATIC

(11:29:31) GarfCp: woot!

(11:29:54) Beebomancer: years ago, my friend Kurt and I talked about how many times our fave song on an album was track 3

(11:30:19) Beebomancer: so we were gonna make a mixtape called “Track 3” of various track threes. this is that idea ON STEROIDS

(11:30:29) GarfCp: it is indeed

(11:30:39) Beebomancer: (a phrase I hate)

(11:30:53) GarfCp: “it is indeed” or “ON STEROIDS”..?

(11:31:05) Beebomancer: ON STEROIDS

(11:31:20) GarfCp: good to know. I will try not to use it with you.

(11:31:51) GarfCp: Or, if I do, you can assume that I am using it it a humorous fashion. Like, “This is so gay!”

(11:32:00) Beebomancer: haha

(11:32:04) GarfCp: “This is like, so gay ON STEROIDS!”

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One Response to I Get Paid For Doing This

  1. rone says:

    OK, so i did a smart playlist with Track 3s and limited it to 80 minutes. This is what iTunes gave me:

    Puttin’ on the White Shirt Trey Gunn Raw Power 8:01
    Pursuance / Psalm John Coltrane A Love Supreme 17:50
    Impressionable Helmet Dope, Guns `n’ Fucking in the Streets: Volumes 4-7 2:03
    Hate My Way Throwing Muses 4AD 4:06
    Life on Mars? David Bowie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 3:43
    37 Hours Kristin Hersh Sunny Border Blue 3:26
    Maligno Aterciopelados Caribe Atómico 4:10
    Phobos Tony Levin Band Double Espresso (disc 2) 7:01
    Judas Cradle Sugar Beaster 6:15
    Prozac Cola Whatnot 4:03
    Gratitude Oingo Boingo Best o’ Boingo 5:14
    Love Boat Captain Pearl Jam Riot Act 4:36
    Canción Animal Soda Stereo Canción Animal 4:08
    Little Mouth Sleater-Kinney Call the Doctor 1:44