Catching Up With Dave Ex Machina

Hey, folks. Yes, I know posting has been odd lately. The main reason for this has been the weather. I may have mentioned something about it before. I know that my mood is quite vulnerable to the different seasons, but ten days of non-stop gloom and rain really took its toll. Normally the winters here in New England are preferable to Illinois because at least the sun is out, but this was not the case. Ugh. But that’s passed and I’m in a better place now.

However, the house suffered some effects. Our weird-ass bedroom ceiling sprung a leak during the deluge. See, here’s the deal. At some point in the house’s past, someone decided to make some kind of faux drop-ceiling. They stretched canvas across the ceiling and tacked it in place on wood strips, painted it, and then covered the edges with molding. It’s not a bad job, actually, and we didn’t even notice it until I touched the ceiling and found it to indent easily. Once you notice it, though, it’s all you notice, and the painted canvas has also started sagging and cracking. So we wanted to replace this stuff eventually anyway, but had no idea what was under it. Now we know that behind it is some really crappy drywall, and water started coming in through some of it in the bedroom. So we’ll have to deal with that. That’s cool because we were just yesterday wondering what to do with this extra thousand-plus bucks we had lying around.

On a brighter note, on Sunday I hooked up with a guy I met over on BoardGameGeek to do some gaming with him and his friends. I had a really good time playing Power Grid, Category 5, and St. Petersburg with James, Al, Quinn, and Dave, and will be meeting up with them more in the future. I’ve been playing a ton of boardgames lately, and pretty much quit on RPGs. Power Grid, by the way, is my next must-get game. If I’m good, maybe Santa Claus will bring it.

Speaking of quitting, I also seem to have quit watching Lost. It wasn’t really on purpose, though, it just kind of happened. Two episodes ago I was out when it came on and we taped it. I kept saying, “Oh, hey, I need to watch that,” but I never really felt like doing so. And then when last week’s episode came on, I was like, “Well, I never watched the previous episode,” so I didn’t watch that one either. And I can’t really say I’m all torn up and curious about it, so there you go. I suck at the TV watching.

And talking of sucking brings us to the leaf bag contest. We’ve gotten tons of entries, but zero raked leaves! The constant rains kind of put a cramp in that, plus many of our trees haven’t even turned yellow yet. So be patient…results will come soon.

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