Happy Centennial, Nemo!

Winsor McKay’s amazing comic strip, Little Nemo in Slumberland, is 100 years old this year. I love Little Nemo and I don’t know how anyone couldn’t. The artwork is amazing; the strips are gorgeous. It’s genuinely funny and charming (and yes, a product of its times, with a fairly racist character). The plotlines are meandering, surrealistic, and often nonsensical, but they’re supposed to be dreams, and they convey a dreamlike quality constantly. If you enjoy fantasy, children’s books, or Calvin and Hobbes, you should check out Nemo.

Unfortunately, it appears the two Nemo books I have, this one and this one, are out of print and fetching very high prices used. I’d suggest checking your library.

Alternatively, there’s this:

In celebration of Nemo’s anniversary, Sunday Press books is offering this collection of Nemo strips, in their original size. I’ve no idea if this is any improvement over the books I already own, but I’m still drooling for it. (And will be doing so for some time, at that price.)

To read more about Little Nemo, this article at the comics blog ‘The Great Curve’ is a good overview.

Um! Er!

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