Cap’n! The Budget Canna Take It!

Another hugelarge comics ordering month, largely thanks to Fantagraphics putting out all kindsa Love and Rockets stuff. As usual, recommendations on stuff to get or not get are begged for. Which of these can I pass on and what have I overlooked? I’m particularly interested in opinions/info regarding the ones with asterisks in front of them.

  • Concrete Vol 3: Fragile Creature (Dark Horse)
  • Serenity TPB (Dark Horse)
  • Showcase Presents: JLA Vol 1 (DC)
  • Best of the Sprit TP (DC)
  • Tom Strong #36 (DC)
  • Tomorrow Stories Special #2 (DC)
  • Jack Staff #11 (Image)
  • * Skyscrapers of the Midwest #1 (AdHouse)
  • Girl Genius vol 4 TPB (Airship)
  • Paris #2 (Slave Labor)
  • * Robotika #1 (Archaia)
  • Doc Frankenstein #4 (Burlyman)
  • Optic Nerve #9 (D&Q)
  • Optic Nerve #10 (D&Q)
  • Action Philosophers World Domination (Evil Twin)
  • Ghost of Hoppers HC (Fantagraphics)
  • Luba: Book of Ofelia TP (Fantagraphics)
  • Meow Baby GN (Fantagraphics)
  • Scott Pilgrim vol 3 (Oni)
  • * Juror 13 vol 1 (Tokyopop)
  • Fortean Times #205 (FT)

Two comments here. First of all, guess who isn’t happy? Guess who’s been buying Girl Genius since the beginning? Guess who ordered #14, which never came out, because they decided to switch to an online comic with periodic TPB releases? If you guessed “Abraham Lincoln” you are wrong, because the answer is: ME. And guess what issues that there $20 vol 4 tpb includes? That’s right, 11-14! Four issues, three of which I already own and one of which nobody owns! That’s crap, Foglios. You know damn well how many people are in the same boat as me, and asking us to re-buy three issues to get the fourth is crap.

My second comment refers to the book “Captain Bluebush”. Here’s the solicitation copy: “Captain Bluebush’s crew of nautical nymphos are desperate to have their decks swabbed by a man — any man! They capture a motley bunch of sailors to satisfy their naughty needs, but bull-dyke Bluebush orders castration, until the dread ‘Semen Monster’ rises from the deep! And wait’ll you see The Cocktopus!” This is followed by: “MATURE THEMES”. Can we come up with a different word for crap like this than “Mature”? Cause mature it ain’t.

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8 Responses to Cap’n! The Budget Canna Take It!

  1. Lanf says:

    The 2 issues of “Serenity” I checked over looked like crap. Seriously.

  2. rone says:

    Fell #2 is very good. Unfortunately, Paul di Filippo’s Top 10 mini-series is about as subtle as a fart in the face. Grrr. Also, Smoke & Guns starts off well but runs off the rails and just becomes an excuse for shallow violence.

  3. Dave says:

    I can probably live without that Lanf, but I’m still kind of curious.

    Rone, I’m quite wary of Warren Ellis. I really haven’t liked much of his stuff that I’ve read. I find he is too busy trying to shock and offend me to do anything else (Transmetropolitan), stuck on the same badasshole characters (Desolation Jones), running out of steam by the end of the story (Orbiter), or putting in weirdo elements that serve no purpose except silly “twists” (Ministry of Space). Unlike a lot of other comics geeks, a Warren Ellis book has to do a lot for a long time before I’m going to check it out.

  4. rone says:

    He definitely suffers from pacing problems. I don’t think Transmet is busy trying to shock and offend, but perhaps i’m merely comparing it to some of his work where he’s clearly intent on shocking and offending (trying to out-Grant Morrison Grant Morrison, as i put it). At least his grossness isn’t as gratuitous as Garth Ennis, who it seems has to have an Arseface in everything he’s done since Hellblazer.

  5. Zed says:

    Hunh. Now I’m relieved I missed issues of Girl Genius. I can get the TPB with less angst!

    I loved Optic Nerve 9 (I think Tomine is still getting better) and I’m excited 10 is finally coming. I’m frustrated by the

  6. The Foglios didn’t have much of a choice, if I understand it correctly. The TPBs will keep better on the shelves and generate more sell-through. I figure I’ll get around to buying the trades one of these days. For $10, I can get the first 6 issues of The Walking Dead as a trade, or $20 for 4 issues of Girl Genius…

    Have you tried the Foglio-illustrated card game Empyrean, Inc. yet? It’s kinda cool. Judging by your ratings on quite a few fillers at the ‘geek, it’s probably a natural fit for you. Decent cardstock, too. I felt like it was worth my money.

    Regarding MATURE THEMES: Can we just call them wank books and be done with it? It’s a little racy, but it’s honest. If someone picks up Big-Butted Fairies * and Transmetropolitan, one of them is a wank book, and the other isn’t. If you put it out on your bookshelf for grad students to see, it’s mature themes. If you hide it before the bluenosed authority figure(s) in your life visit you, it’s a wank book.

    * no idea if that’s a real title. Ain’t my area of expertise…

  7. Dave says:

    Todd, I have no problem with a TPB-only distribution. Heck, that’s how I’d prefer to buy it. But to start that distribution by packaging the first non-floppy issue with three that people probably already have stinks. I’m not paying $20 for a single issue of Girl Genius. It’s easier for me to just stop buying it.

  8. Dave,

    To follow up, I did buy that first TPB of The Walking Dead. I haven’t bought graphic novels in years, and only a few standalone comic books like Milk & Cheese. I’m too flighty to be held down to a monthly purchasing schedule, plus I usually spend all my cash on boardgames instead. Definitely don’t have any Girl Genius TPBs, yet- so we are in agreement as to their value, but for different reasons.

    The good news is, The Walking Dead is definitely a good buy, and I’ll definitely be picking up the next volume or two when I’m at my FLGS.

    My retailer also mentioned that I might like picking up collections of “Ultra.” Any opinions?