Back when I went from (a) Windows 2000 to (b) Linux and then to (c) Windows XP, I lost my cheapass scanner, which worked fitfully under (a) and not at all under (b) and (c). This week, though, I solved this problem by conning my dad into buying me a new scanner! Behold the power of the HP Scanjet 4670!

Well, it wasn’t really a con. My dad’s got all these 35mm slides from back in the day, and he’s been wanting them transferred to digital for a while now. The only solutions I knew of were to either buy a slide scanner or to pay someone to scan them. The former solution wasn’t really great because he’s not still taking 35mm slides, so he’d have to buy the scanner, learn how to use it, and then once the slides were scanned, he’d have this device he didn’t really need. And the latter solution would probably be somewhat pricy.

However, I noticed that the HP 4670 comes with a slide scanner. So I said, “Hey, if you help me out with the cost of this, I’ll be happy to scan all those slides for you!” Done and done, it’s a win-win situation.

So I’ve been  playing with it  testing it out this morning and it works like a charm, at least for regular scanning. I don’t have any 35mm slides myself, so I can’t test that feature out yet, but Dad’s sending me some to practice on.

Thanks Dad!

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