Comics, Comics, Comics!

Yay! The high price of gasoline (or, as my British readers call it, “windscreen”) has prevented me from making the drive up to NoHo for the past three weeks, but last night we had a social engagement in the area, so I stopped in for my haul!

Not only did I finally get my grubby mitts on Previews, but I also snagged Or Else #3, Astro City: The Dark Age #3, Hoax #3 (I see a pattern emerging here), World War 3 #36, Tom Strong #34, Moped Army #3 (okay fine, it’s not #3, it’s volume one, but I didn’t want to break the chain, lest I suffer bad luck), KODT #106 (6 = 3 x 2!), and Fortean Times #200 (Jeez, would it kill you to make some effort toward threeness, FT?)

Why all the threes? Obviously to celebrate the third birthday of my shop, Modern Myths! Happy Birthday! As part of the celebration, Smilin’ Jim was literally giving away comics and I made off with the Judge Dredd: The Complete America GN. Now I have this huge pile of comics gluttony in front of me and I’m not sure where to dive in. Do I start with the eagerly awaited Or Else #3, or save it for last? Actually, I start by touring through Previews, and I’m delighted and alarmed by the number of things I’m interested in. I’ll probably be tossing them up on the ol’ blog for recommendations later this weekend.

(I also picked up the little Wimbledon Green mini-mini-comic and postcard.)

Though it’s overcast here and raining, and I really could use another cup of coffee, it’s actually a great day…for comics!

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