Sometimes, I’m Eight

Guy at work who’s an astronomy buff sends this on the internal mailing list:

A coronal mass ejection (CME) is racing toward Earth and it could spark a severe geomagnetic storm when it arrives–perhaps tonight (Sept. 14th and 15th). People everywhere should be alert for auroras.

Which prompts this discussion:

(10:34:47) Beebomancer: hey, there’s a mass ejection racing towards us

(10:34:54) Beebomancer: be on alert

(10:37:02) GarfCp: whoa.. that is not the kind of thing i want to know about.

(10:37:11) Beebomancer: don’t tell me, tell J___

(10:37:28) GarfCp: I have email filters set up to trash that.

(10:37:36) Beebomancer: personally, i want to be warned. so i can get out the way or put on a raincoat or something

(10:38:05) GarfCp: ew. and it’s “coronal”…that ain’t good.

(10:38:43) Beebomancer: once I had a bad batch of Dos Equis that gave me awful mass ejections

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