I can’t really discuss the Hurricane aftermath rationally. I go from zero to blinding frothing outrage in no time. And the ones pissing me off the most aren’t the conservatives who all are saying these people chose to stay, or that this is a judgment from God or that we shouldn’t rebuild the city or whatever — I expect no more or less out of them — I’m pissed most at the supposed liberals who are all shush- shushing, saying “Now is not the time to be pointing fingers.” The hell it isn’t. If pointing fingers is what got Bush off his ass, keep pointing away. We’re going to sit on this out of “respect” until, like everything else, some pretty white girl missing in Jamaica takes over the headlines and it’s all forgotten while that bastard smirks his way to another “moral victory”. I’m pissed at the good liberals who, with their good liberal conscience, won’t donate to the Red Cross because, you know, they won’t take blood from gay men. Oh yeah then, don’t give money to them. Those drowning people will take their being pulled out of corpse-filled raw sewage business elsewhere and teach those insensitive bastards a lesson!

And most of all, I’m sick of the goddamn “reasonable Democrats” who, whenever the right wing says “DON’T TURN THIS INTO A CLASS WAR ISSUE” back down and say “Perish the thought, we’re all gentlemen here!” and therefore let this ongoing, shooting class war continue on. Make no mistake, it’s not (simply) an issue of race. The people left behind in New Orleans weren’t simply black, they were poor. The evacuation plan called for everyone to hop in their cars and leave, but if you didn’t have a car? Couldn’t afford a tank of gas? Sucks to be you! Greyhound stopped running busses on Saturday. Below is a photo of school busses underwater that could have been used to evacuate poor people if anyone had given a damn.

We are finding out that help wasn’t delayed, it simply wasn’t sent. National guard troops weren’t ordered to help. Authorizations didn’t come. Nobody gave a shit. The Pentagon told other National Guard units that Louisiana had plenty enough troops. Instead of gathering troops in Texas or Arkansas, ready to go in if needed, the government sat on its ass until Thursday, when they finally rolled help in conveniently in time with Bush’s photo-op. Hooray! Bush will save us from not only flooding and starvation, but from the big nasty government that let us down! Asshole.

And the rest of the country who doesn’t care because it’s just a bunch of stubborn blacks who didn’t know to get out of the rain, who don’t understand that they are seeing their federal emergency response in action. Four years after 9/11 and this is how we deal with a major crisis. I don’t know why more people aren’t standing up and demanding to know where all that homeland security their money and rights paid for is. But oh nos! Gas is going to be too dear to take the Ford Leviathan out to the beach! Our Labor Day weekend is ruined! Stupid Katrina!

Not the time to be pointing fingers? It’s as good a time as any. I can point with one hand and give money with the other. When I donate blood they only need one arm and that still gives me one more that can do a lot of frickin’ pointing. If we’re all gonna not to do anything but come up with reasons not to give money or help, why not do some pointing too?

There was no reason for this to have been as bad as it was. This disaster was a matter of time. Our Worthless leader has the balls to say, “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees” when everyone, everyone knew that the levees needed to be shored up and the money to do so was sent to Iraq, along with National Guard troops and equipment that could have been helping people out. Busses could have spent Saturday and Sunday getting the poor and stranded out of there instead of herding them into the Superdome to boil and rot. There was no mystery on Sunday that New Orleans was going to be hit in some capacity and people would need help, help that was still four goddamn days away. National Guard troops should have been mobilized then, instead of waiting for an ineffective and plundered FEMA to piss away three days sitting on its hands.

(Oh wait, I’m sorry, I’m only talking about the negative things coming out of New Orleans. I’ve heard several people complain that only bad news is being reported. Apparently a parade of puppies with balloons is going somewhere through the city and nobody knows!)

So no, as you can see, I can’t deal with this on a rational level. Anyone who knows me knows that I held no love in my heart for New Orleans, but now my heart swells with anger on behalf of the city that raised me. Not sadness, not sympathy, but full-frontal double-barrel anger. Had I one right now, I would gladly and proudly slap a “Registered Coon-Ass” license plate on my car with that raccoon’s shining asshole pointed accusingly towards Washington.

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  1. Just wanted to drop an amen on this post.

  2. Shawn Fumo says:

    Dave, have you heard this interview with the mayor yet?

    I don’t know if he was part of the problem with not getting people evacuated properly, but it is nice to hear at least one politician who is mad and speaking their mind.

    I’d been kind of out of touch with the news for a week or so and didn’t realize how bad things had ended up down there. Hearing the mayor get that emotional kind of brought it home for me, though. Downright scary stuff is happening lately, and I don’t mean the hurricane itself…


  3. Anarkey says:

    I think you’re missing the word “second” or “beachfront” between the words “Lott’s” and “House”

  4. Dave says:

    Shawn, I can’t completely exonerate Mayor Nagin, as there was plenty he could have been doing before Katrina hit that simply wasn’t done. But I also can’t blame him for years of local government’s underestimation of the danger and the federal government’s disinterest in it. I also have to say that he and Governor Blanco have very much risen to the occasion.

    Actually, my personal hero in all of this is this kid, the one in the Spongebob T-Shirt:

    (Unfortunately you need to use IE to watch the video.) That kid is Charles Evans, and anyone who’s been watching NBC and seen him wants that kid to take over as President.

    Anarkey, I thought that was the case, but couldn’t find out for sure.

  5. Anarkey says:

    Here’s a cite, see last paragraph. They’re referring to his house in Pascagoula as the primary and the one in Jackson as secondary, but still, you know: waaah.,2933,168152,00.html