End of the Continuum

One of the local geek stores, The Space-Crime Continuum in Northampton, is closing up shop. The owner, Chris Aylott, is going to be a Managing Editor for Steve Jackson Games. Good luck to him!

Discussion of this prompted the following conversation:

(09:32:28) Beebomancer: People have told me — seriously — that I should own a comic/game store. I never know what to say. It’s like telling me I should try out for the olympic ice dancing team

(09:32:42) scaredofscissors: hey, you’d be good at that.

(09:32:47) scaredofscissors: the ice dancing, anyway.

(09:32:49) Beebomancer: hahaha

(09:33:06) scaredofscissors: you and Becky could buy the store.

(09:33:11) Beebomancer: uh-huh

(09:34:05) Beebomancer: two months later, Becky surveys the empty, cobweb-strewn store. “Okay, that’s it. I’m taking your ‘No Freaks’ sign out of the window.” Me: “But but…FREAKS!”

(09:34:31) scaredofscissors: yeah, that’s like cutting out 85% of NoHo’s population.

(09:34:43) Beebomancer: and 98% of the game-playing population

(09:35:23) Beebomancer: plus I’m generous with the word. “Do you have any books where cats solve murder mysteries?” “READ THE SIGN, LADY.”

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5 Responses to End of the Continuum

  1. Shawn Fumo says:

    Bah, this makes me sad. That was a pretty cool little store. A nice little selection of graphic novels and even a Go club. I kept meaning to go there to play some Go, but looks like I was too slow…

    I’d certainly be happy if you bought up the store Dave. :)

  2. Mrs. Mancer says:

    To Dave, re Shawn’s comment: [In the voice of Apu]: “No, no, no. Do not listen to that man!”

  3. Lanf says:

    Fear not Mrs. Mancer, I don’t think Dave has the high tolerance for freaks required for owning a geekcomics store. And if he starts talking like maybe he will buy it, I’ve got a few anecdotes from when I worked in a comic shop that’ll sort him right out.

  4. Melanie says:

    My cats won’t read anything *but* novels with cat protagonists, so its not my fault!

  5. Dave says:

    Read the sign, Mel.