All hail the new consortium of comics and related geekery bloggers based in the Eastern Time Zone!

Don’t be fooled by imitations! This is the ORIGINAL vague notion of some kind of coalition based solely on the chances of
geography and areas of interest! Maybe you’ve heard of other similar gangs on some other coast, but to paraphrase Biggie: “they are like unto insects in our midst.”

The crew right now consists of:

BeaucoupKevin: Damn you, he’s a crazy monkey! Step up to him and he’ll smack the taste out of your mouth. That’s his ride thumpin’ down your street to a block-rockin’ Pet Shop Boys beat. Also takes really pretty photos of flowers!

Cognitive Dissonance: You thinkin’ about writing some comic where women, if they’re even present, act as nothing but sexual objects for the men? Johanna don’t play that, and it’s gonna be YOUR ass in the refrigerator. Big fan of Owly!

Dave Ex Machina: Sometimes I talk about comics! Fact: I have the words “GEEK LIFE” tattooed in huge gothic letters on my stomach.

Jumbotron 6000: The Jumbotron is a newcomer to the blogging world, but he rolled out tough and took names from the beginning. He is 6’5″ and solid muscle. He’s part of the Boston sub-crew, so you know you don’t wanna mess with him.

The Low Road: Ed Cunard. Do I really need to explain? Bloggaz don’t roll any harder than Ed. Also, probably knows more about actual hip-hop and rap than the rest of us combined!

MetroKitty: I’m gonna let this picture tell you all bout who you’re dealing with here:

Yeah, you know it’s on now!

NearMintHeroes: Our man in the South, Shane’s the one to go to for the 411 on comics and design linkblogging! Between him and tha MetroKitty, you can bet that you’re receiving the most aesthetically-pleasing asskicking of your life. Fact: he has been shot 217 times!

Or Alcoholism: The mysterious Novice describes herself as a “comics blogger groupie”. Her Zodiac sign is Cancer and she holds a terrible secret that could tear the group in half!

The Pickytarian: You’ve seen him before: the guy on the subway with a crazy look in his eyes and a comic book in his hand. You probably moved on to the next car rather than took the empty seat next to him. Good move. The secrets he mutters would reduce your mind to slag!

TangognaT: What’s that? You say you’re looking for a gang member to dis so that you can get killed thirty-four way different ways with a pair of knitting needles? Well look no further, G!

Trusty Plinko Stick: You ever think to yourself, “Ha! Rhode Island! I got floor mats bigger than that state!” Best keep it to yourself. Bill OWNS this state, and he don’t let nobody forget. You think that Plinko Stick’s just for show? Count the notches on it.


Listen to Us, We’re Right: Joe Rice and his posse introduce some hardcore Brooklyn flava into the mix! What does Brooklyn flava taste like? It tastes like HARDCORE.

The Shrew Review: The Shrew also rocks it in NYC. She once fact-checked an issue of Brian K. Vaughn’s Ex Machina so hard, BKV still gots the bottom of her Pumas imprinted on his ass.

So there you have it. The flyest crew of bloggaz around. There’s a reason all the best superheroes come to the East Coast to hang out. Kids wanna leave Smallville, Kansas, where do they go? Coast City? Oh no, they pack up and head for Delaware! Because that’s where the action, the heroes, and the best bloggers are.

So face front, true believers! East Coast Bloggaz are in the house and in effect! We ain’t lookin’ for no trouble from bloggaz on lesser coasts, but if you start somethin’, we’ll finish it.

And hey, I did a Google Image Search for “gang signs” and found this awesome photo:


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  1. jdonelson.nyc says:

    Good stuff Dave. I think we should all get some of those monkey-shit brown ties that the kid in that pic is wearing. That could be our gang color.

  2. Shane Bailey says:

    218 times. I had to throw down this morning.

  3. Kitty says:


  4. Ed Cunard says:

    We’re poppin’, lockin’, postin’ and pingin’
    with more voice control than Sinatra singin’
    takin’ stands with a mad amount of geek wit
    never bowin’ or coppin’ to fanboys’ weak shit.

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  6. Bill Doughty says:

    I think one of my uncles owned both of those ties when I was a kid. Scary.

    ECB 4 life!

  7. Mikester says:


  8. will says:



  9. tomthedog says:

    Yeah, but how many of you have actually met? How many of you shop at the same comics store?

    That’s what I THOUGHT!

    ACAPCWOVCCAOE assemble! There’s a-gonna be a rumble!!

  10. Dave says:

    Yeah, but how many of you have actually met? How many of you shop at the same comics store?

    That’s just not so easy for us to do, what with our turf being SO BIG and having more than one or two comics shops to choose from.

  11. Nathan says:

    And here I was, already to supplicate for entry into such an August assembly, when it hit me belatedly:

    I’m not East Coast anymore.

    I live in Utah.

  12. Tim O'Neil says:

    I am unaffiliated, bitches. Ain’t no coalition of bloggers cool enough for tha T.

  13. Dave says:

    I live in Utah.


  14. Nathan says:

    Yeah, but there ain’t enough of us. Most Mormons blog about, you know, Mormon stuff.

  15. amber says:

    omg that’s my kid!

  16. Dave says:

    Amber, were you aware that he’s been wearing ties? I know it must be terrible to find out about it second-hand like this.