Calling London

I’ve got a soft spot for England in general and London in particular. And, like pretty much everyone, I’m alarmed at yesterday’s terrorist attacks. I offer a few words to any readers from that area.

Please don’t make the stupid mistakes we Yanks did. Get angry, yes. Don’t get terrified. Don’t become like America did, playing the role foisted upon us of people jumping at our own shadows. Don’t let cowardly attacks like this one succeed in scaring you and making you do otherwise unthinkable acts.

Not that I think that would happen anyway. London survived the Blitz. London’s been dealing with IRA bombs for years. England’s got a sense of history that stretches back past last week, and thus can put things into perspective. Tony Blair might be willing to bend over for BushCo, but the UK citizens are made of stronger stuff than that. They’ll grieve their dead, be on their guard, and go about their lives. They won’t wring their hands and cry to their leader, saying, “Please, please do whatever it takes to make me feel safe!”

And also a note to certain right-wing idiots, the ones who’ve been saying that the Iraq War is necessary because it’s, “far more advantageous to fight terror using trained soldiers in Iraq than trying to defend civilians in New York or London.” Yeah. That was a great “plan”.

Anyway, our sympathies go out to you all.

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