See, Pink is for Girls

I don’t look at eBay nearly often enough, and so I miss things like this:

This is a lego star wars minifig, Princess Leia. Leia is new, except for her legs, which are gently used and she comes with a pink light sabre, Custom made by me. She comes from a smoke and pet free home. Princess leia is wearing a white leisure suit great for defending the galaxy against the evil empire or romancing Han Solo. Look at the Buns on that girl, isn’t she cute!

Geddit? BUNS!!!

Good grief.

Anyway, you can see my vastly superior auctions here.

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One Response to See, Pink is for Girls

  1. Trey "Blasterhappy" Frederick says:

    Oh Man! You have way too much time on your hands! It’s bad enough she is cross dressing but in her brother’s clothes?! But the Pink Lightsaber and before Labor Day too! Just Stop! No Please Stop! I CAN”T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!