The Parable of Grant Morrison and the Fish

It looks like DC Comics really plans to deliver after their huge summer event, Infinite Crisis. They’ve tagged Geoff Johns to be a continuity editor for their books, and the latest news is that they’re gonna give Grant Morrison license to run wild and naked through the lesser-known characters, which is what Morrison loves to do, as seen by his current Seven Soldiers project. This is fantastic news for DC fans, as Morrison is one of the sharpest writers around, with genuinely interesting and novel ideas.

And yet…

I love Grant Morrison like the crazy uncle I never had, and I really, really, really want to get excited about this, but I just keep having visions of books like Vimanarama and We3 and The Invisibles retreating further and further away while he plays with more superheroes. X-Men fans are still raving about the run he did on New X-Men, and while I read a good chunk of it and agree that it was the freshest approach to the characters I ever read, it still wasn’t enough to get over the fact that I couldn’t care less about the X-Men in any incarnation.

I don’t want to come off like I’m Archduke Indy Von Artcomix, ruler of Fantagraphia, but I just find I can only get so excited about superhero comics. I just don’t care. And while this is certainly worth keeping an eye on, because we all know where Morrison went with Doom Patrol and how wonderful it was, I can’t say it’s filling me with the delight it’s filling others. Which is great…this really is a boon to superhero comics fans, and they by and large seem to really be appreciating it.

This is what I had to say about it on BeaucoupKevin’s blog:

I feel like I’m in a restaurant, and all that’s on the menu is fish.

“I don’t really like fish,” I say.

“That’s okay,” they say. “We got flounder, trout, and snapper.”

“Those are all fish.”

“Well we also have scrod.”

“That’s a fish too.”

“Okay, okay, but check this out. Grant Morrison, whose food you love, is here, and he’ll make you something extra special!”


“He’s making fish!”

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5 Responses to The Parable of Grant Morrison and the Fish

  1. psychbloke says:

    It will be a very odd fish though…..

  2. Ray says:

    I felt pretty much the same way about New X-men. “Hmmm, yes, very interstings and… oh, hang on. You mean I’m supposed to care about these characters? Oh.”

  3. Ray says:

    Ah, Psychbloke, we meet again. But I see you neglected to bring your giant feathery iguana – an oversight you will come to regret…

  4. psychbloke says:

    Great danger I sense….
    Get back to the real world must we…..

  5. Charlie says:

    Though I like superhero comics I’d much rather see comics like Sojourn and Red Sonja. More of a fantasy setting than a super-hero setting.

    I looked a little at “Infinite Crisis” and if I remember wasn’t it a huge crossover type thing? I really hate those. To me those type things are just an attempt to boost sales of titles that aren’t doing good.

    Marketer1: Super Hyper Teen Whackem’s sales aren’t good.
    Marketer2: Green Lantern is doing good.
    Marketer1: OOOOO…Let’s do a teamup…Super Hyper Teen Whackem and Green Lantern…that’ll be cool.
    Me at the store: GAAAAAHHHHH…quits buying GL in disgust.

    Course I do the same thing if a restaraunt keeps trying to get me to buy fish :)