Weekend Holdem Poker Casino

First off, just to let you know, if you post a comment that has the words “poker”, “casino”, or “holdem” in it (among others), it will go into moderation, where I have to approve it before it shows up. I went for months without any comment spam, but now I’m getting a lot of it all of a sudden, so I’m getting close to just plain blasting away comments with those three words in them, never to be seen again. To be safe, don’t use those words.

Dan’s birthday was Saturday night, and was a lot of fun. I got involved in two big conversations about the two topics I can go on forever about: politics and Star Wars. But finally I shut up and instead put my throat to use drinking and doing some karaoke. I sang an off-key “Mexican Wine” by Fountains of Wayne, and Becky did “Undone (The Sweater Song) by Weezer. We also did some backing vocals. Perhaps the best performance was John doing some song until he got tired of it and then just started beatboxing.

We also saw the season finale of Doctor Who this weekend and I just have to repeat: WOW. I applaud everyone connected with it. The show was just fantastic. I cannot WAIT for the next season, and I cannot fathom any fan of the old show not being pleased with this new one.

This weekend was also the weekend of trying to make some cash. In addition to the eBayage in the previous post, we also got rid of the plastic mini-shed from the backyard, putting it out on the corner with a “$20” sign on it. We half expected someone in the neighborhood to steal it, and I even considered changing the sign to “$50” to give them more encouragement to do so, but eventually someone came by and hauled it off after “haggling” us down to $10. So that was nice. The eBay stuff is just sitting there at the moment, but I’m sure that any moment it will be swamped with interest from the usual eBayers who can’t seem to read or look at photos. I love the cash from eBay, but sometimes I have to think that selling crack would be more respectable, make better money, and let you work with a better class of customer.

I don’t often share my dreams here, since they’re usually just about Jennifer Connelly dressed as Green Lantern, but one last night deserves mentioning. I was a character in a videogame that was some kind of cross between “The Sims” and “Super Mario Land”, jumping around looking for magic crystals or something. Eventually the game turned more into “The Sims” and I wandered into a suburban area. Upon seeing a house under construction, I decided I would burn it down. There’s plenty of wood but I have no matches, so I do what any videogame character would do, I barge into the occupied house next door and proceed to dig through the owners’ possessions, looking for matches. I find some, bring them back to the new house, and stack up some wood. I start a small fire and it catches quick, but then I realized that there were Legos in the sawdust. This prompts me into realizing, “What am I doing? I could hurt or kill someone if this fire spreads to other houses!” So I quickly put it out. But just as this newfound ethicality starts to take, I realize instead I could just break into peoples’ houses and steal Legos. Then I woke up.

So I hear that Batman Begins didn’t begin like people wanted, only bringing in a mere $71 million. Dear God. I cannot give any support or sympathy to a business that makes something nobody needed and complains when it only gets $71 million for it. So no, I have no interest in Batman Begins, or Fantastic Four, or The War of the Worlds, or even Howl’s Moving Castle (though I could probably be talked into that last one.) In fact, I can’t think of anything appearing in theaters that I’m interested in seeing until September, when Serenity comes out. I’m a fan of comics, not of dumb-ass summer blockbuster movies.

Hey, while I have you here. I’m looking to buy a 17″ flat-screen LCD monitor. What I know about hardware these days falls somewhere between Jack and Squat, so I’m looking for recommendations on brands and models (and also ones to avoid.) I’d like it to work with the hypothetical Apple notebook I’m going to eventually get as well.

Finally, I’m trying to take a step towards bettering myself. Last night Becky applied clear nail polish to my fingernails in a first attempt to help me stop biting them. Please remember me in your prayers.

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2 Responses to Weekend Holdem Poker Casino

  1. David Thiel says:

    Haven’t seen Batman Begins yet, but word on the street is that it’s a solid superhero flick. I’m encouraged that it doesn’t follow the standard Hollywood summer-flick formula of hip, young director working under a one-word pseudonym and allegedly bankable mega-star in tights. I don’t care about the hype if the film is any good.

    I share your concern about the modern movie business being all about the opening weekend, yet I can’t deny that that’s the reality of the industry. And in that climate, $71 million is a soft opening for this particular film.

    To be honest, even though I’ve been interested in this film and fully expect to see it in a theater, I wasn’t exactly awaiting it with anticipation. In fact, the opening day completely snuck up on me. For another person, that might be nothing unusual, but I’m usually pretty aware of things like movie release dates.

  2. Lanf says:

    I’m using a Dell UltraSharp flat panel 17″ — love it. I was frankly amazed at the difference in color and resolution between it and its predecessor, the Big Loud Box.