Speaking of Traitors…

Well, I’m getting ready to put in my comics order, and I’m afraid I have become a traitor to the cause. I love my store, Modern Myths, but my wallet is screaming in pain. Plus I got a monitor that needs replacing, some bills that need paying, and a TV that’s probably gasping its last. So I’ve had to resort to the last refuge of the coward, Amazon.

As much as I love my store and want to support it, I can no longer afford to pretend that I can’t get things cheaper elsewhere. I know the cost of those savings: instead of helping out a local business where the owner knows me, I help out a giant conglomerate that wouldn’t cross the street to pee on me if I was on fire. I don’t like it. But it’s necessary, at least for a little while. (If someone’s got an alternative to Amazon they can suggest, I’m all ears.)

So here’s my turncoat comics order:

From Modern Myths, I will get these:

  • Astro City: The Dark Age #3 (DC)
  • Tom Strong #34 (DC)
  • Rex Libris #1 (Slave Labor)
  • Shaolin Cowboy #5 (Burlyman)
  • Or Else #3 (D&Q)
  • Knights of the Dinner Table #106 (Kenzer)
  • World War 3 Illustrated #36 (Top Shelf)
  • Fortean Times #201 (Magazine)

I’ll order these from Amazon:

  • Borderline vol 1 (D.F.)
  • Art School Confidential (D&Q)
  • Dungeon: The Early Years vol 1 (NBM)
  • Alison Dare, Little Miss Adventures vol 2 (Oni)
  • Tricked GN (Top Shelf)

These I can wait on. Amazon doesn’t have them listed at the moment, but judging from other things, they’ll have them eventually. (The two Image books I’ll wait on trades for):

  • BPRD: The Dead (Dark Horse)
  • DC’s Greatest Imaginary Stories TPB (DC)
  • Dusty Star #1 (Image)
  • Ferro City #1 (Image)
  • KODT: Tales from the Vault vol 5 (Kenzer)

These I can do without. The Antarctic book, I’m told, isn’t very good. And the other, as much as I want to read it, I’ll have to get from the library.

  • Chronicles of the Universe vol 1 (Antarctic)
  • Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards (GT Labs)

And that’s my order for this month. By the way, I’m also planning to subscribe to Fortean Times through Amazon, cutting the price there as well.

Ugh. I feel dirty. I need a shower now.

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One Response to Speaking of Traitors…

  1. You might want to look at Discount Comic Book Service, as their discount is at least 30% on most things. If I didn’t have an already robust break at my shop, I’d seriously consider it.