Out of Context

Maybe someone can help me. I have this mp3 in my “new” folder called “Context.mp3”. It doesn’t seem to have any ID3 info on it, so I’ve no idea what the song is called or who it’s by. I checked the two mp3 blogs I frequent (music (for robots) and The Big Ticket) and didn’t see anything there. The phrase, “Baby, it’s cut and dried” occurs in the lyrics often.

Anyone out there know what this is? It’s not a fabulous song, but I’d still like to have it correctly identified. Drop me an email if you can ID it.

Speaking of new music I’ve downloaded, after reading a lot of hoo-hah about his dude called “Bright Eyes” I grabbed a few tracks.

Holy cow, do people actually listen to this without throwing themselves down a flight of scissors? The song “Lua” is like some kind of horrible endurance test.

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