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Coming Tuesday!

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Welcome to Appland, Part Three

Okay, so I’ve told you about some of the things I regularly use and like on my iPad, but I wanted to mention a few things that seem promising, but I just got them recently (or haven’t really done much … Continue reading

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Welcome to Appland, Part Two

Here’s the second part of the guided tour of my iPad, and it focuses on what my iPad primarily focuses on: games. I have them divvied up into different folders. Puzzle I like puzzle games and have a number of … Continue reading

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Welcome to Appland, Part One

A lot of my friends have recently gotten iPads and iPad2s, and are now asking me what apps I recommend. Unfortunately I sold my iPad because too many people have them now and it now longer makes me cool and … Continue reading

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This Image was Designed to Break Some Brains

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This Week

Shared bookmarks for user Legomancer G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether – But of course it’s teachers and unions who are to blame for the poor economy. Tagged as: [money business] Floating soccer pitch Awesome little video … Continue reading

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Why Are Nerds Known For Their Intellects?

Here is an article about why the movie Mars Needs Moms did poorly at the box office, despite being a movie and being advertised. A lot of people are scratching their heads about why this didn’t make a gazillion dollars … Continue reading

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Video Blogging!

Lego Minifigs Part One from Dave Lartigue on Vimeo. Lego Minifigs Part Two from Dave Lartigue on Vimeo.

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